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Buying Wall Art Guide - Abstract House

Looking to revamp your decor and add some colour to your walls but not sure where to start? our wall art buying guide will explain the different types of art and help you find the perfect artwork for your space in the style you like and on budget.

When it comes to art, normally it is divided into two groups - collectable art and decorative art.

But ultimately, there is a fine line between both. 

Open Edition Prints

Open edition prints are the most affordable out of the three options. It is a great place to start collecting prints to discover new styles, artists and add colours to your walls.

Discover Open Edition Prints 

Limited Edition Prints

Limited edition prints is a small run of prints that are normally signed by the artist and numbered. It can be a run of 10 or 100 or even 1000. The smaller the print run the more expensive the artwork is.

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Original Art

The holy grail of art. An original artwork is a one-of-a-kind piece which means there is only one available. Prices can vary depending on how established the artist is but you it start from as low as £100.

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Choosing Your Art


There are many different styles of art to choose from. Here are some of the best known art styles:


Abstract is a form of artwork that works mainly with colour and shapes without representing an object. It is purely what you see and feel about the art piece. Abstract print is the most popular form of art for your home. Discover our exclusive collection of abstract wall art to get you started.

Fine Art:

Fine art can refer to any medium and subject but it is mainly associated with how valuable the artwork is.


Claude Monet is the father of impressionist art. This style of work represent the subject vaguely using small brushstrokes and mainly focuses on the use of light in the artwork and how it captures the subject.

Figurative & Portraiture:

This style is self explanatory. Capturing the human form in a vivid way using lines, colour and shades.

artist painting in studio original oil paintings


Choosing colour to match your decor is important to create the flow in the design of the room.

Some of the popular colour palettes many interior designers use are as follows:

Black & White (AKA Monochrome)

Black and white colour scheme is timeless and can create a sophisticated decor.


Choosing bold colour for your room can create energy and brighten up your hoe decor. You can also play with patterns from cushions and rugs to the artwork itself to design a balance room.

Beige & Browns

Choosing earthy tones for your decor can create a calming room. In fact beige hues is currently trending from choosing clay vases to wood stained wall decorations and coffee tables.

Blue Palette 

To create a calming decor inspired by the ocean, the sky and nature. blue tones can massively improve the mood of the decor and help you achieve that.


Choosing the right size for your artwork can transform your space.

Displaying large artwork in small spaces can create a unique and grand decor feel. It Is best to measure the wall and then decide what the preferred end results you would like to see.

Learn more about our frame size guide.


There are many subjects artist can be inspired by. From the beautiful nature to every day objects around us.

Whatever the style used, whether it is abstract, impressionist, modern or even minimal, inspiration can come in many forms.

Take our best selling artist, and CEO, Omar Obaid for example. He creates original paintings using a vivid colour palette of blues inspired mainly by the ocean but you can also see the inspiration from the daily life in every brush stroke.


Prices can vary depending on many factors. But at Abstract House, we created a platform for art lovers to be able to find quality art at affordable prices. Our range or prints start from £9.99 while original paintings start from as low as £125.


Framing Your Art

All of our artwork is available framed or unframed. So if you buy framed art prints from Abstract House, your artwork arrives strung on the back and ready to hang.

If you have an art print that you would like a frame for, then browse our collection of quality wooden frames in various sizes and colours to suit your art and space. Follow our simple guide to framing your artwork in a few easy steps.


Quality or Price?

Some say the more expensive it is the better quality it is. Yes, this is true as you would need to factor the costs involved to produce a framed print. But at Abstract House, you can have both.

We produce all of our prints and frames by hand in London, using only the highest quality materials while maintaining our sustainability affords by not using plastic in any of our products. How? well, that is not easy to do but we managed to do it simply because we care and we want everyone to have access to quality handmade art at affordable prices.

Hanging Your Art

And that's the fun part. Now that you have your framed artwork and know where to place it. There are many ways to hanging your art to ensure maximum impact. 

Hanging Art In The Living Room.

The main place to hang art is above the sofa, this spot in the room is where all the eyes will be looking at when they enter the room so make sure you have a large piece of framed artwork or even a print set of three to fill the space.

Art In The Kitchen

You might not think to hang art prints in your kitchen but the finishing touches do really matter to create a cool space while you are enjoying cooking. 

Art For The Bedroom

The most obvious wall to hang art is above the bed. Choosing a calming photography scene or simply a blue abstract art print could create the mood of the bedroom. Learn more about how to decorate your bedroom with art and how it can create positive energy which leads to a more relaxing night sleep.

Art For The Entrance/ Hallway

Last but not least is the hallway. First impressions count and this really means that getting the decor of your hallway right is vital not only for your guests but it is also for you - when you come home from work you want to be greeted with positive energy while creating a space that you want to come to and enjoy.

Displaying Your Art

There are many ways to hanging and displaying your art. Here are the best ways to create the wow factor.

Hanging Art On Your Wall.

When it comes to hanging the artwork on your wall, you need to make sure you have the correct tools depending on the wall. When buying framed art from Abstract House, you will receive a nail to make it easy for you to hang the artwork. However, you might want to use a screw. You can also follow our article about how to hang art without nails.

On The Shelf

Another trending way to display your art is by placing it on a shelf. This way you don't need to use any tools and simply lay the framed print on the exciting shelf you have. This can be in a bookcase, a windowsill or even a sideboard. Don't forget to add some finishing touches like a lamp, books or even a plant to complete the decor.

Caring For Your Art

You can clean framed artwork with a damp cloth and gently wiping the surface. However, once the artwork is hung on the wall it doesn't really require any maintenance but general dusting once in a while would be recommended.

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