14 Living Room Styles To Modernise Your Space

14 Living Room Styles To Modernise Your Space - Abstract House

Modern living room interior ideas and styles
If you're searching for the perfect living room artwork, whether you are renovating your home or simply in need of a spruce-up, we have got you covered.

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Discover our top 14 living room styles to transform your home into a modern marvel, rather than a historic reflection of a bygone era. 

Modern homes are all the rage. With more new build apartments and executive homes built in 2022, your eight year old renovation may seem like it’s beginning to  collect cobwebs; it’s time to make a change. 

The Mid-century Modern Look

Mid century modern living room ideas by kimball Starr interior design on houzz
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A minimal sleek design, emerging in the 20th century in America and Scandinavia, which focuses on a clutter-free space. Who wouldn't want to feel more organised? Give your space more grown-up vibes with selected pieces of wooden furniture, curved abstract shapes, choosing accessories with hints of mustard and green to contrast the browns and natural fibres of the wood.

If you are looking for large prints for walls, this Mid Century Modern Print would be ideal.

Mid century modern art prints by abstract house

The Industrial Type Living Room

Industrial living room styles and interior design
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Picture a Manhattan loft apartment or a penthouse situated in a renovated old factory. Perfect for those searching for a more moody, striking interior full of old world charm.

Think brick walls, wood panelling and black crittal aluminium doors. While these design elements could add an instant industrial look to your space, when it comes to art, you can experiment with large bold abstract art on canvas to create a more impactful space. For framed prints for living room, Abstract House has a vast range on offer. This Blue Landscape Gallery Wall set would create a statement. Explore our abstract style art prints here.

Blue landscape abstract gallery wall art by abstract house

The Contemporary Design

Contemporary living room ideas
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Contemporary interiors focus on using state-of-the-art and sustainable materials and showcasing it in a minimal setting. You may see curved lines, blank colour palettes with lots of white, cream and splashes of gold. The best contemporary artwork to achieve this look are neutral abstracts and line art prints such as Grey Neutral Abstract Canvas Print and Neutral Abstract Brushed Square Print. 


The Sustainably Made Home

Sustainable living room ideas wood panelling
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Eco-friendly homes and interiors have never been more popular with a focus on ethically made, renewable resources and materials, as everyone is keen to make a difference to our planet. Forging a zero-plastic living room will encourage the use of new premium materials and you will see the difference in your choice of fabrics, along with sturdier furniture and home accessories. For sustainable posters and prints made in UK, discover our collection at Abstract House. We are committed to zero plastic throughout our operations, so rest assured whichever artwork or frame you choose will arrive with 100% plastic-free materials. 

Our Into The Unknown Canvas print is an ideal choice for a sustainable home as it will easily blend in with natural materials.

Large square abstract canvas art print from original painting


The Traditional Interior

Traditional living room ideas how to get the traditional look in your home
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Have you ever wanted to cosy up near a fireplace and forage into your lifetime supply of good books? Choosing this classic, timeless decor, which rose to fame between the 18th and 19th century, means you can focus on simply adding to it as the years go by. Traditional wall art includes portraiture, still life and landscapes which work well with this style of interior. Discover the perfect art to hang above your fireplace.

Rustic Country Designs

Country farmhouse and rustic interior living room setting
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Escaping to the country never felt better, and you can achieve the very essence of the farmhouse or country cottage look by following a few simple steps. Country cottages are renowned for their exposed wooden beams, so you could look at adding wood features to your space to make it more immersive. Fabrics go a long way with this interior style, so being able to coordinate modern colours and fabrics with texture will give you a sense of balance while remaining luxurious and traditional, elements of a classic country home. Choosing art to match can be a challenge, so we'd recommend choosing a painterly abstract or botanical artwork to create a striking finish for your space.

Painterly abstract canvas art for country rustic home interior

Art for country homes interiors landscape and nature

If it's the English Rose look you are looking for, choose classic wall art for living room such as nature prints, floral photography or watercolour botanical art will encapsulate the beauty of the countryside and bring nature indoors.

Coastal Seaside Chic

Coastal decor beach house themed interior decor
Photo Credit: Jonathan Raic Inc on Houzz

The ocean and its surrounding has great appeal. Whether you're an avid surfer or simply love to stroll by the crystal clear water of the sea and it's sandy bay, coastal themed interiors have been a favourite of many for years. Adding the infamous red or blue stripes along with jute rugs and large blue seascapes to tell the story of the ocean is the key to achieving the nautical theme for your decor.

Moroccan Traveller

Moroccan style living room and interiors
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Move over travel bans, now the world is your oyster. For adventurers, creating an interior to match your frequent travels would truly reflect your personality and passion for exploring. Morocco and all its beauty has been a popular destination lately with its colourful spice markets, mosaic tiles and incredible architecture, including those beautiful iron cast doors. 


 The Eclectic Living Space

Eclectic quirky living room style and ideas for home
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Bright mismatched walls painted in fuscia or mustard tones, married with vintage pieces to celebrate the decades of design combined into one. This one isn't for the faint-hearted, but when done well, will make the space your favourite room of all. For quirky art for living room, pick unique pieces that breathe new colour and texture into your space. 

Vintage Glamour

Vintage glamour living room ideas

Photo Credit: Cat Dal Interiors on Houzz

Think velvet throws and footstools, large statement chandeliers and oversized colourful abstract paintings. Nothing is over-the-top with this style, and the more textured the piece, the better. 

The Scandinavian Interior

Scandinavian living room design ideas
Photo Credit: ALL & NXTHING on Houzz

A popular, well-loved design theme for many British homes is the home of hygge; Scandinavia's stylish designs picked for comfort as well as balance. The Swedish, Norwegian and Danish style encompasses Scandinavian art and Nordic style posters, which come in a range of art styles including photography and abstract. 


Japandi living room interior ideas Japanese and Scandinavian
Photo Credit: D+sign Studio on Houzz

Japandi interiors are hot topic in the design world. This on-trend decor combines minimal Japanese design with Scandinavian chic and cosy interiors to create a well thought-out, functional space. Adding art to your Japandi interior design is easy with simple abstract line art or abstract shapes in a nude and neutral colour palette.

Bohemian Interior Design

Bohemian interior design boho interior ideas for living room
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Famed by the 70s love of hipster design, this spotaneous interior style favours layers of textures, fabric and colour with much less of a focus on structure. Cool intertwined natural materials in earthy colours live comfortably alongside hanging macrame, fabric layers such as throws and rugs, with lots and lots of plants.

Fit For Royals

Luxury modern living room styles for your home
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With our growing obsession of The Crown by Netflix, lavish designs have become more sought-after. Perfect for a neoclassical home, such as the several Tudor estates where the show was filmed, this style is all about encorporating patterns into your home along with luxury fabrics. Immaculately panelled walls with lots of lighting, immersive prints and Persian rugs, with wallpapered feature walls.

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