How To Put Pictures And Art In A Picture Frame

How To Put Pictures And Art In A Picture Frame

Framing a picture or piece of art is the best way to make your picture stand out and keep it looking beautiful. With so many different frame and mat options available, we're here to offer our expert tips on finding the perfect frame for your picture.

Framing your photos or artwork needn't be expensive or time-consuming. In fact, if you follow our simple guide, you could be framing pictures within minutes.

how to put artwork in a frame

If you're framing your own photo, artwork, or other print, however, then it's going to be a DIY job. Once you've figured out how to choose the right sized picture frame, you're going to need to frame your item. 

Discover our simple guide to framing art and photographs, so you can get the perfect picture hung on your wall, and sit back and enjoy it for many years.

To Mount Or Not To Mount

A mount (or passepartout) provides a classic border for your image. It sits under the glass of your photo frame, but on top of your art print, photograph, or certificate for more protection and a classic framed look.

picture mounts for frames

Adding a mount around your image means you also have to opt for a larger frame, as you don't want your print to be hidden), mounts can make your picture appear bigger. Plus, a white mount gives the illusion of a brighter image too.

We use a quality mount board which is textured and handmade in the Lake District. It is hand-cut to fit our handmade wooden picture frames and fine art prints. But we can also provide custom mounts for your own pictures along with our bespoke framing service

More people are also choosing to have no mount with their framed print. With the image extending right to the edge of the frame, a mount-free option creates a bold, immersive look.

It's favoured by those with a more modern approach to framing art and continues to grow in popularity. You can simply choose which style fits you best.

Step-By-Step Framing

Step 1: 

Remove the solid MDF backing by bending back each of the metal tabs on the back of the frame. Remove the back board and place to one side.

Step 2:

Remove the branded paper. If you selected a mount/passe-partout, remove the mount board out of the frame and save this for later. 

Step 3:

Replace the glass in the same orientation as the picture frame and follow with the mount board.

Step 4:

Smooth out your print or photograph (face down so that the image faces outward) in the middle of the photo frame moulding, so your image is centred.

If you ordered a print that came rolled, simply unroll the picture. You can place some light books on top of the picture and leave them for a few hours to ensure it is perfectly flat before framing.

Step 5:

The final step is to return the wooden frame backing to its place. Just make sure the cord faces outward and is the right way up, with the hanging cord positioned towards the top of the framed image. Push all the tabs on the back of the frame down to hold the MDF backboard in place. And now, you're ready to hang it up and admire it for years to come.

how to put a picture in a frame

Hanging Your Photo Frame

As all our handmade picture frames come ready-to-hang with a cord safely secured on the back, you won't have to worry about any fixings for the frame itself. You can focus on where it will look best in your room - and that's the important bit. 

Whether you choose to hang your photo frame with traditional nails, or opt for a nail-free hanging solution such as Command Picture Hanging Strips, placing your frame in the right location is an important factor. 

Hanging a frame too high or low can make it look out of place, so as a useful guide, we usually recommend to hang frames at eye-level.

Placing your art, prints or photographs in a high-quality frame is important to preserve your memories so they will last for many years. It's the perfect way to keep those special keepsakes safe so you can continue to enjoy them in decades time.

We hope you found this guide to framing your pictures and artwork useful. If you are looking for high-quality, handmade picture frames with real glass fronts, check out our collection at Abstract House.

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