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Art For Your Bedroom 2021 - Abstract House

The master bedroom is your ultimate sanctuary. A private, intimate space that’s just for you and those closest to you.

You could create a calming space to help you wind down after a busy day. Or you may choose to be invigorated by your home decor in preparation for the day ahead. Whatever atmosphere or interior design style you wish to create, our guide to choosing art for your bedroom is just what you need. 

So, which style should you choose? With a vast range available from coastal abstract art, to modern framed line art prints, to bold large abstract canvas wall art, to framed botanical prints, which artwork should you choose for your bedroom?

art for your bedroom 2021 wall art ideas UK

Luxury Hotel Style Bedroom Interiors

luxury art for your bedroom interiors ideas uk

Artwork: Art Inspiration Framed Canvas Set

Get the hotel look with a striking modern abstract canvas set. 

abstract art to decorate your bedroom walls yellow red brown

 Image: Abstract 391 Print

With a range of subjects, art movements, and contemporary designs featured in our collection of exclusive art, you’ll be sure to find something stylish to finish off your interior. We can help you expand, update, or start your collection, with only the hottest trends and your individual personality in mind.


Be Transported


To completely remove the stresses of the day, you might seek a bedroom that’s far removed from your experience of day to day life. That might be a shabby chic beach hut style, or interior design reminiscent of an eco jungle resort. Your bedroom should be the hideaway of your dreams.

If you crave the calming effect of blue shades and rolling waves, then our coastal and ocean prints will be just the ticket. It’s not quite reading your book on a hammock strung between two palm trees, but it’ll more than rival your favourite beach destination for that blissful feeling.

Adventurers and lovers of exotic destinations will love our range of botanical art and photography, many of which can instantly transport you to the tropics. A colour scheme focused on greenery can be as energising as it is therapeutic.

Combine these coastal and jungle looks with exposed wooden floors and reclaimed, up-cycled or rattan furniture for a relaxed, rustic bedroom. Our tropical art prints also work equally as well with a minimal modern look, particularly one dominated by dramatic and sultry shades of deep grey and off-black.

vibrant lemons on brushed white still life painting canvas art for your bedroom wall decor

Image: Lemons Still Life Art Painting Canvas Print

Bringing the outdoors indoors with botanical and landscape art is the best way to infuse your bedroom decor with the relaxing and restorative qualities of nature. For a more traditional and timeless look, check out our vintage botanical wall art and impressionist or still life pieces. 

Feeling Blue

If you’re hot on interior design and colour psychology, you’ll know that blues are one of the most popular colours for bedrooms. Why? Blue evokes a sense of calm and reduces stress, which has a huge impact on our mental and physical wellbeing.

Given your bedroom’s primary function, creating a soothing mood should be right at the top of your agenda. Regal blues, heritage shades, and navy all scream sophistication. Whilst duck eggs or periwinkle tints are much more whimsical, and marine blues playful.

modern bedroom art animal peacock blue grey

Peacock blue is especially sought after this year, with the bold shade on the list of interior design must-haves. It’s gorgeous paired with magenta, burnt oranges, teal, or grey. It’s also the perfect starting point for capitalising on this year’s greatest comeback trend: maximalism

Abstract Art 

ocean inspired abstract art set of 2 original paintings for your bedroom interior

Image: Ocean of Memories Diptych - Original Painting

Our founder is an independent abstract artist, so consider this our speciality. From art prints to original art, our range of abstract artwork is truly unique.

Abstract pieces have the delightful quality of seeming to offer something new each time they catch your eye. Perfect for making a statement in your bedroom.

monochrome black and white canvas abstract art for your bedroom wall decor

Image: Abstract 441 Canvas Print

If prints are more within your budget, then we’d recommend our collection of canvas art. These most closely resemble original paintings for an authentic feel.


nude female form line art figurative drawing for minimal bedroom

Image: Nude Ink Drawing - Print Set of 2

One of the best ways to create a calming bedroom is to keep it free from clutter. A minimal bedroom can keep you from feeling overwhelmed or overstimulated by the decor. 

This, however, doesn’t mean that beauty has to be sacrificed entirely in the face of functionality. With minimalism being popular in interior design for many years, the world of hanging art has followed suit. 

Image: Abstract Eden Set Of 3 Framed Artwork

Abstract art focusing on individual shapes is a particularly good fit for this kind of contemporary bedroom. Often featuring a white or off-white background, these art prints really make their use of colour the focal point. This could add another layer to your bedroom colour palette.

For an appreciation of freedom, expression and the female form, consider line art - especially nude pieces. Similar to geometric art prints, line drawings are eye catching without being too overpowering.

Boho Chic Colour Scheme

wall decor for boho interiors burnt orange sand neutral beige shapes line art

Image: Burnt Orange Shapes Art Print

Muted terracottas, burnt oranges, and warm neutrals are hot for 2024. They’re chic by day and cosy by night, which is perfect for a comforting bedroom that inspires a good mood.  

Shades found in the natural world are perfect for these boho vibes. Think sand, rock, shells, natural wood and earth. 

contemporary red shapes art print boho interior design for bedroom

Image: Boho Design Art Print

Offset the variety of textures from blankets, rugs, macrame pieces, throw pillows, accent chairs, and plants with sleek modern and contemporary art.


 Image: Abstract Blush River Tones

Loft bedroom spaces or industrial styles also benefit from the character of wall art. Photography, graffiti, and collage art prints work really well in this kind of space.

Opt for a pop of colour to contrast the rest of your bedroom interior. Or stick with black and white wall decor for a seamless blend.

Our fine art prints - complete with solid wood frames and real glass front glazing - give the expensive look this bedroom interior design craves. With clean lines and a variety of achromatic frame colours, our products can be the finishing touch your urban paradise needs.

 Our tips for finding art for your bedroom include all the latest interior design trends and hottest art movements. Let us be your guiding light for buying art to fit the bedroom of your dreams.

Discover The Abstract House Collection

All our canvas wall art prints and framed fine art prints are delivered to your door ready to hang for ultimate convenience. Sustainably handcrafted for the perfect finish, as members of the Fine Art Trade Guild, you'll have peace of mind knowing our expert in-house Framing Team use only the highest quality materials and framing standards to ensure our artwork is built to last. 

With our search for the very best canvas, premium art paper, FSC-certified wood, and cutting-edge printing techniques complete, you can expect the durability of our products to equal their beauty. Our packaging is also 100% recyclable and plastic free.

Combining affordability, style, and quality, with our exclusive collection you can revitalise a lacklustre bedroom with minimal effort.


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