Photo Frame Size Guide: What Size Picture Frame Do I Need?

Photo Frame Size Guide: What Size Picture Frame Do I Need? - Abstract House

If you're looking to order a photo frame, knowing what size frame you need will help you find the perfect size for your pictures. Since picture frames come in a variety of shapes and sizes, choosing the right one for you depends on the size of your picture, artwork, poster, certificate or whatever you will be framing. Finding the right moulding or frame style depends on your personal favourite preference.

Our helpful guide will help you narrow down the options on offer to choose the picture frame that is the perfect size for you.

best photo frame size guide for pictures

Choose Your Favourite Style

With so many different options of frames available to choose from, by browsing the different colours and types, such as Black Wooden Frames, you can begin to define your favourite styles.

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Photo frame size guide premium cheap handcrafted photo frames glass uk

Depending on the type frame you are looking to buy will determine how you measure the picture for your frame. Have a browse through our range of guides below to help you find the perfect photo frame, multi-aperture frame or freestanding frame.

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Now, let’s start by taking a look at the process to find your perfect sized frame.

How to measure for a picture frame

Measuring for a frame properly is the most important factor to ensure your photo or picture fits the frame well. By choosing the right frame size, you will ensure the picture looks as beautiful as it should in the frame when displayed.

Some of the considerations to make are:

  • The height of your picture
  • The length of your photo or artwork
  • The depth of your picture
  • Whether you would like to add a mount/passe-partout
  • The space available to hang or display the picture

Once you know the answer to these five points, you will be able to choose the perfect sized frame for your picture. The overall size of your frame is the only thing that cannot be changed once you decide on a size. You can always choose to add a mount/passe-partout afterwards or even swap the photo with a new one if desired. So, getting the size right is one of the most important factors to ensure a good fit.

When measuring your picture, it’s always good to start by measuring the outer edges of the picture. Then, you should measure the ‘picture size’, which means the actual size of the picture without any bleed/white border (if applicable).

Take a look at our simple guide which we have created to help make finding the ideal frame size even easier. 

Photo Frame Size Guide

Here is a standard picture size guide to assist you in finding the perfect frame fit:

Length (cm, inches) Width (cm, inches)  Standard Picture Size Which Frame?
21 cm, 8 .25 inch 29.7 cm, 11 .75 inch A4 Size A4 Picture Frames
29.7 cm, 11 .75 inch 42 cm, 16 .5 inch A3 Size A3 Picture Frames
42 cm, 16 .5 inch 59.4 cm, 23 .375 inch A2 Size A2 Picture Frames
59 .4 cm, 23 .375 inch 84 .1 cm, 33.125 inch A1 Size A1 Picture Frames
30 cm, 11 .81 inch 30 cm, 11 .81 inch 30 cm Size 30 cm Square Picture Frames
40 cm, 15 .75 inch 40 cm, 15 .75 inch 40 cm Size 40 cm Square Picture Frames
50 cm, 19 .69 inch 50 cm, 19 .69 inch 50 cm Size 50 cm Square Picture Frames
21 cm, 8 .27 inch 30 cm, 11 .8 inch 21 x 30 cm Size 21 x 30 cm Picture Frames
30 cm, 11 .8 inch 40 cm, 15 .7 inch 30 x 40 cm Size 30 x 40 cm Picture Frames
40 cm, 15 .7 inch 50 cm, 19 .7 inch 40 x 50 cm Size 40 x 50 cm Picture Frames
50 cm, 19 .7 inch 70 cm, 27 .56 inch 50 x 70 cm Size 50 x 70 cm Picture Frames
70 cm, 27 .56 inch 70 cm, 27 .56 inch 70 x 70 cm Size 70 x 70 cm Picture Frames
100 cm, 39 .7 inch 100 cm, 39 .7 inch 100 x 100 cm Size 100 x 70 cm Picture Frames

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Picture Frame Size Guide UK Which Size Photo Frame Should I Choose A4 A3 A2 

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