Abstract House & The Environment

We were astonished by the amount of plastic waste produced and usage of plastic in general by the industry and we thought to make a change.

To make a real change, you have to start with you. And that is what we did. We removed all bubble wrap from our packaging, replaced glazing with real glass and right down to the kraft tape we use. 

We put the U and I in Sustainable.

We are committed to creating a more sustainable environment and future. Our products are handmade using eco-friendly materials from our FSC certified papers for our art prints and posters to real glass for our wooden frames.

Get the art you love with 100% plastic-free from our house to yours.

plastic-free art and frames

FSC Certified Papers

We have spent years searching for the right paper for our fine art prints. We use FSC certified papers, which means that you can purchase with confidence knowing that you are helping to prolong the life of our forests around the world for generations to come.

Our wooden frames are also FSC certified and the wood used is from sustainable forests. 

Real Glass With Every Frame

Our picture frames and framed posters come with float glass, not perspex. Gives you vivid colours and an authentic feel while protecting our oceans by not using plastic.

Handmade To Order

We produce everything from our wooden frames to the art prints by hand on the day of your order reducing our carbon footprint.

unique art prints


We saw the impact plastic products do to the environment and we wanted to change that. So we didn't just reduce the use of plastic but we removed it all-together. Now while you can enjoy a high-quality product, you can also help protect the world we live in. 100% plastic-free from our house to yours.

100% Recyclable Packaging

We are proud to be the first and only online art retailer to offer artwork with 100% plastic free packaging and all of our boxes are 100% recyclable.

We are working even harder to ensure not only you receive a high-quality product but also protect the environment as we go along.

To find out more about what we are working on and if you have any suggestions, then please get in touch.