Why We Became A Plastic Free Business

Why We Became A Plastic Free Business

When Abstract House launched, it began with a purpose that has remained our mission as we have grown.

We believed there was a better way to protect our environment while enabling art lovers to enjoy art, without compromising on quality or the beauty of our planet.

After seeing the tens of thousands of plastics used by the art industry, with bubble wrap either not being recycled properly and ending up in landfill, with plastic clogging our world's oceans and threatening whales, dolphins and fish around the world, we wanted to change this.

After years of research and trials, including the use of biodegradable packaging materials, we improved our manufacturing and became pioneers of 100% recyclable and zero-plastic packaging in 2019.

We progressed this further by removing plastic from our manufacturing and product, and moved to solid float glass for our picture frames. This not only offered the best possible quality to our clients for our frames, but also ensured we protected the environment from unnecessary waste, which made everything worthwhile for us.

Our passionate team are dedicated to producing the most sustainable art and frames, and with our unrivalled collection, we believe we can change the industry to ensure our beautiful planet is preserved for generations to come.

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