How To Recycle Your Packaging

How To Recycle Your Packaging

At Abstract House, we wanted to create a positive impact for our environment. After investing substantially in research and development, we proudly made all of our packaging 100% recyclable, with zero plastic, back in 2019.

What does this mean for you? Well it's simple. Once you receive your order, you can simply unbox, unwrap, hang and enjoy your new artwork or frames.

Since we use 100% cardboard packaging, it is one of the easiest materials to break down and reuse the pulp in different products.

So, what do you with the packaging? Simply flatten the box and inner packaging, and place with your usual weekly recycling. This way, your box can be reused up to 6 times before being moulded into other materials, without going to landfill where it can take up to 7 years to decompose.

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