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Discover original abstract paintings for sale in our exclusive collection of hand painted artwork by London based artist Omar Obaid. At our online art gallery, you can find your masterpiece from our beautiful & authentic collection of original works of art and transform your space with a truly one of a kind painting. Shop for original art and invest in a piece you’ll love for years to come.

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Forever Framed Abstract PaintingForever Framed Abstract Painting
Forever II Framed Abstract PaintingForever II Framed Abstract Painting
Palette Y Original Painting
Palette Y Original Painting Sale price$551.00
Synchronise I - Original PaintingSynchronise I - Original Painting
Precious Time - Original PaintingPrecious Time - Original Painting
Beach Days - Original PaintingBeach Days - Original Painting
Beach Days - Original Painting Sale price$1,730.00
Sieze The Day I - Original PaintingSieze The Day I - Original Painting
Sieze The Day II - Original PaintingSieze The Day II - Original Painting
Expectation - Original PaintingExpectation - Original Painting
Dream Away - 120x100cm Original PaintingDream Away - 120x100cm Original Painting
Dedications - 120x120cm Original PaintingDedications - 120x120cm Original Painting
Drifting - 150x80cm Original PaintingDrifting - 150x80cm Original Painting
Dive - 150x100cm Original PaintingDive - 150x100cm Original Painting
Choosing sides - 150x90cm Original PaintingChoosing sides - 150x90cm Original Painting
Abstract Botanical Study - Original PaintingAbstract Botanical Study - Original Painting
New York, New York - Original PaintingNew York, New York - Original Painting
Monstera Study With Lamp - Original PaintingMonstera Study With Lamp - Original Painting
Monstera Study In Red Pot - Original PaintingMonstera Study In Red Pot - Original Painting
Monstera Study In Yellow Pot - Original PaintingMonstera Study In Yellow Pot - Original Painting
A Storm Inside - Triptych Original PaintingsA Storm Inside - Triptych Original Paintings

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All paintings come ready to hang on your wall with a string on the back. Feel the texture and add depth to your space.

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Looking for original paintings for sale? Explore our curated collection of abstract paintings full of movement, texture and colour. Painted in London by best-selling artist Omar Obaid.