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Top 10 Interior Design & Lifestyle Instagram Accounts To Follow Now

Top 10 Home Design & Lifestyle Accounts To Follow Now-Abstract House

Discover our favourite Instagram accounts to follow for fresh design inspiration.

Looking for some inspiration on how to revamp your living room and decorate your interiors? Or are you keen to add some creative lifestyle posts to your Instagram feed? Well, you’re in luck since you’ve just landed on a quick guide that highlights 10 inspiring Instagram accounts to follow in the home design and lifestyle space.


Our Guide To Inspiring Interior & Lifestyle Accounts On Instagram


1. @sun.soul.style



If living in a world of that is filled with soulful style, then Christina Higham is the person that you want to follow on Instagram. She has a knack for turning any space into a place that is filled with beautiful, retro style bursting with color, dimension, and sun-filled passion. Residing in San Francisco, she is an interior designer that gains her inspiration from the ocean, city, and people around her. Also a blog writer, if you want be inspired with home design, she is the person you want to follow.

2. @amberinterioros



If you’re looking for ideas for cozy, comfortable spaces that have multiple uses, then Amber Lewis (@amberinteriors) is the Instagrammer for you. She is a women that pretty much does it all from being a devoted wife and mother to designing homes, starting businesses, and loving on the cats she has at home. In addition, she has a podcast, offering design advice perfect for any size family.


3. @carasuthers



Whoever said mothers couldn’t be trendy never met Cara Sutherland, the owner of @carasuthers account on Instagram. A mother of two, avid blogger, and a person who loves to share her style via stunning photos, she offers plenty of inspiration for ways to dress, design a home, and pass the time with family-friendly, popular activities. She even has her own web store where you can get the goods to mimic her style.


4. @shnordic



Seeing how style a home that’s comfortable, inviting, and also pleasing to the eye from a photographer’s perspective is what Instagrammer Susanna Hawkins (@shnordic) offers. Based in the UK, she takes her followers on a home decor journey through the posts on her account. She also has a YouTube channel where she shares how to videos different topics related to decorating one’s home in addition to photography.


5. @apartmenttherapy


Apartment Therapy is the home of all things interior related and if you're looking for inspiring room styling and decor tips or the latest interior trends,  it's one of our favourite places to browse. The team at Apartment Therapy also feature various homes and interior spaces from around Instagram, so you can discover new and bold statement styles here first.


6. @the.hectic.eclectic



If you want a place to go to get ideas on how to create bold, beautiful looks in your home, then Brand Love, the product stylist behind the @the.hectic.eclectic Instagram account is the one you want to follow. A self-title Boho Eclectic Maximalist, love is never afraid to add more to any decor situation. She is a blogger who is the mother of three and is never afraid to have a good with her designs or life in general.


7. @thedesignchaser




Using neutral tones with subtle splashes of color is what Michelle Halford, the founder and person behind the Instagram handle @thedesignchaser is all about. She’s an interior designer who has helped clients throughout the world, focusing on creating Scandinavian themed spaces. Clients she’s worked with included Pernod Ricard, Norsu, BoConcept NZ, and Flooring Xtra and she’s been featured in various magazines like Adore, Home Magazine, Australia, and others.


8. @uhmlady




Sometimes, you just want to be unique and to help you gain the confidence to do it, check out the Instagram account of Lady Divine who is the one of a kind person behind @uhmlady. She has a style that is a mix of sporty, sophisticated and urban that is really unmatched by anyone else on Instagram. An avid traveler, her posts are fun to follow because you never know what she’s going to do and where she’s going to be next.


9. @cyndiramirez



If you want to learn from the best when it comes to how to host in a low-key, chill way, then @cyndiramirez is the handle that you want to follow on Instagram. Cyndi Ramirez-Fulton is the person responsible for this cool account that offers advice on how to entertain, dress, enjoy a night out on the town, make a meal, and shop with a purpose. She lives in the West Village in New York, NY with her beau and is both the founder/ceo of Chillhouse that is a destination for modern self-care in the city. At Chillhouse, not only can clients get their nails done, but can also get other spa services and even enjoy a tasty meal.


10. @jonathanadler




Jonathan Adler is a person who describes himself as “fresh” with a personal style that is not only fashionable, but easy to photograph and stylish beyond compare. He is a designer that has created a brand that others will be dying to copy since it’s so new that it almost doesn’t have a category. His Instagram account, @jonathonadler, provides a glimpse into his world and a convenient gateway to his webstore.


By checking out this list of 10 Instagram accounts, you should now feel pretty inspired when it comes to new ideas on and fresh styles to your home and even how to live a more interesting life. If you'd like even more ideas on interiors style and home decor, be sure to check out our blog as we will be launching a brand new weekly Style Guide to help you choose the right decor for your home.


We hope you enjoyed our guide! Let us know what you think @MyAbstractHouse. We'd love to hear from you.

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