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Inspiring workspaces for your home

Inspiring workspaces for your home-Abstract House

With home working becoming increasingly popular here in the UK, home offices are popping up in converted lofts, spare bedrooms and basements to give you a space to escape the hustle and bustle of family life and get down to business.


Sadly, many of these home offices are seriously lacking in style and are usually clinical in appearance as they are seen as purely functional spaces. This is a big mistake for the person that has to spend in excess of forty hours a week staring at blank white walls! 

Here are a few easy ways that you can create an inspirational workspace at home and a quick recap of the benefits it can offer to you and your visitors. 


The psychology of colour 

The colour white symbolises integrity, purity and innocence, but boy is it boring! Plain white walls often leave home office spaces feeling cold and unwelcoming, so add a pop of colour on a feature wall to break up the monotony of white. 

Soft shades of green symbolise energy and growth, so opt for a spring green hue and hang a few pictures such as these botanical wall prints to add interest and bring a sense of the outdoors into your workspace.  

Inspiring workspaces for your home

Inspirational pieces

Even the hardest working business owner needs a break to rest their weary eyes and clear their thoughts every now and again. A few pieces of abstract art adorning the walls can help give something else to focus on for a few moments before returning to work with renewed gusto.

Inspirational pieces also help to give a welcoming feel and communicate your own personal taste and sense of style to any potential clients or visitors to your home office. 


Bridge the gap between home and office

Although your home office is set aside for work purposes, it's still a part of your family abode and should be decorated in such a way that it ties the décor of the rest of the house together. This is where prints become particularly useful as they give a homely feel without being overly fussy, and you can choose from a wide range of subjects or styles to suit your personal taste.

Take a look at our exclusive range of high-quality wall prints perfect for home offices and bring your workspace to life with some inspirational prints and vibrant colours in 2019. 

Inspiring workspaces for your home


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