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Art For Small Spaces - Abstract House

White space will always be a desirable element of interior design, but it isn’t always so readily available. Small, functional spaces are often squeezed into corners, and are crying out to be brought alive with art, making the most of every inch.


It is important to think carefully about what the space is used for. A relaxing book nook may not suit a cluttered gallery wall; whereas a busy workspace calls for vibrant, inspirational pieces.

Use the space itself as a guide. In a narrow corridor a series of small etchings that demand close up attention would work well. If you have a spare strip of vertical wall, stack up a ‘story’ of related images, one on top of another.

Surprisingly, a statement piece can work well in a small space. It can define an area, visibly separating it from somewhere just a few feet away. Statement pieces demand to be noticed, and a large, bold artwork can actually turn your attentions away from the modest size of the space itself.

Original abstract painting by Omar Obaid available at Abstract House

A great tip for hanging smaller prints in a small space is to display them in an oversized yet thin frame, leaving a large border. This gives the illusion of more space and prevents wall art from looking cluttered.

Have some fun by creating a ‘window’. Large, photographic landscapes work really well here - think beach prints or mountain views. Keep the frame quite thin and in a neutral tone to draw the eye through the ‘window’ to seemingly bigger places. 

If you’re lacking in wall space, you still have options. Surprise and delight your guests with something quirky on the back of your bathroom door. Stack up larger pictures on the floor against the wall, to add interest and save space all at the same time. Casually lean smaller pictures on side tables and shelving, creating interest between your everyday items and adding a modern touch to your humble space.



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