How To Choose The Best Canvas Art Prints For A Chic Home

How To Choose The Best Canvas Art Prints For A Chic Home - Abstract House

Looking to find the perfect canvas art print to match your stylish interiors? Discover what a canvas print is, how to hang it and the various canvas art choices on offer in our helpful guide to choosing the best ones for your home.


blue seascape paintings on canvas art prints

Artwork: 'Muted Blue Dusk Canvas Print'

What Is A Canvas Art Print?

A canvas print is a picture that is printed on cotton canvas, and then stretched onto a wooden frame so that it is ready to hang on your wall.

Canvas art prints have the look and feel of an original painting, with the textured canvas material, but are a much more affordable alternative if your budget won't stretch to an original piece of art.


coastal and beach themed canvas art prints

Traditionally cafes, shops and restaurants tend to favour canvas artwork as it has an authentic feel and fits well with their interiors. 

With such a large choice of artwork available on canvas, from abstract art prints, to botanical art prints, to fine art photography, there is a style to cater to everyone's taste. 

How Do You Hang Canvas Art Prints?

Canvas prints can be hung directly on the wooden back of the frame. At Abstract House, our canvas prints have an additional float frame included, and come strung on the back with cord for a luxury finish.

You can easily hang canvas prints using a screw fixing on the wall, to ensure it hangs beautifully for a lifetime in your home or office.


Where Can I Buy Canvas Prints?

You can find canvas prints online or in retail stores nationwide. If you are looking for quality canvas prints that are affordable, made in the UK and delivered right to your door, then you have come to the right place.

At Abstract House, our collection of canvas art prints are handmade to order using 100% cotton canvas and sustainable materials. 

We set up our production house in Isleworth, Greater London as it was important the canvas was produced using sustainable materials and handmade here in the UK to ensure we achieve a flawless finish.

For more inspiration, browse our blog post on top 10 canvas prints to buy.

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