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Art For Your Dining Room 2023

Art For Your Dining Room 2021 - Abstract House

If the kitchen is the heart of the home, then the dining room is its soul. It’s at the centre of your sparkling dinner conversation and plays a vital role in everyday home life.

It’s a place to enjoy food and your favourite tipple with loved ones. A space for entertaining, sharing, and laughter. 

Dining room art is just the injection of character you need. This can spark conversation, make your space feel more homely, and really tie your decor together.

teal grey shapes abstract art for your dining room scandinavian design contemporary interiors

Image: Teal and Grey Shapes - Print Set of 2

Let your dining room become a place in which to devour art, culture and memories as well as your evening meal. We have a wide range of designer art prints and original paintings to suit all styles; appealing to art lovers, home renovators, and interior designers alike.

Affordable art is our speciality. We can help you introduce vibrant, sophisticated and trending artwork to your bare walls without leaving too much of a dent in your wallet.

Whether you're expanding your collection of wall art or just getting started, you can also trust us to deliver on quality. We've scoured the globe for the very best canvas, paper, and printing technologies to ensure your dining room art remains beautiful for over 100 years. 

Get People Talking

blue abstract art dining room interior design guide

Image: Breaking The Unknown 3 - Original Painting

Your dining room is a welcoming space that should both inspire conversation and provide an interesting backdrop. The dining table might be the centrepiece here, but your art can still make an impact.

An original painting in particular is ideal for showcasing a style of interior that's yours - and yours alone. Owners of original art often form great sentimental attachments to their pieces because of this.


grey neutral original artwork abstract art for your dining room ideas

Image: Ghost - Original Painting

Viewing it will give you a warm fuzzy feeling, knowing you're the owner of something so distinctive and meaningful. It’ll wow your guests too, allowing you to revel in the beauty of your original artwork with the people closest to you.

You may also choose art prints that reflect you, if you’re looking for something a little more affordable. Canvas art has an authentic feel that’s closest to replicating a painting, but our fine art prints can include solid wooden frames and real glass front glazing for an expensive finish.

mountain road landscape art impressionist movement dining room wall art

Image: Impressionist Landscape Fine Art Print

Perhaps you’ll find art where your favourite city is its subject, perfectly positioning it to remind you of a trip or memory each time you sit down to dinner. Or maybe landscape art resonates with you the most. 

Whatever your choice, the best way to get talking about art is to experience it with others. Your dining room is the ideal spot for that.

Go Contemporary 

blush mustard black and white contemporary art print scandi design for dining room interiors

Image: Balancing Shapes Art Print

If you’re blessed with an abundance of natural light in your dining room thanks to a skylight or gorgeous set of French doors, then adopting a Scandivanian design could be the best fit for you. With a focus on bright, airy spaces and minimalism, Scandi interiors favour functionality without sacrificing beauty.  

You’ll want to match your art prints to the simplicity and style of this design. Often it’s hyper contemporary, featuring predominantly bright whites and neutrals. But warm tan tones often compliment the natural wood, whilst gentle hues such as blush, sage green and blue-greys act as accent colours. 


Black and white prints are a safe bet to start with, but you can also consider branching out into minimal and contemporary abstract art or line art. Perfect for a modern dining space.

Scandinavian is a staple of interior design - and one whose popularity won’t be in decline any time soon. It’s a safe, stylish bet for wowing your guests and bringing you comfort for years to come.

Include plants

botanical art abstract blush green mustard dining room wall decor

Image: Concrete Jungle 2 - Original Painting

Botanicals are atmospheric. They’re vibrant, yet understated.

But if you’re not blessed with green fingers then fear not. Botanical art can fill your dining room with luscious greenery without even needing to own a watering can.

Combining the calming and restorative powers of both art and nature, botanical wall art is the perfect addition to your dining area. It’s guaranteed to help you unwind after the working day or relieve the stress of preparing for your turn hosting a dinner party. 

Feature Wall

teal waves abstract art dining room statement gallery wall feature wall

Image: Abstract Teal Waves - Print Set of 2

A feature wall is a great way to make a statement: think large and lively. But this doesn’t just have to be limited to a coloured accent wall. Your accent wall could highlight a single piece of art, or a stunning gallery wall.

Putting all the attention on one wall is sure to make an impact, as well as helping your art to blend into the rest of your interior. It also keeps your dining experience as the central focus of the space; your wall decor is eye-catching, but not stealing the limelight. You didn’t spend time cooking for nothing.

Mix and Match


Mixing and matching different art movements, styles and interior influences may seem like a recipe for disaster, but get it right and the result is spectacular. It’s an opportunity to express different parts of your personality in the same space.

Make your dining room decor as eclectic and, yet, cohesive as your likes, interests and characteristics. Looking for similarities in colour across different art prints can make it easier to pick out matching pieces.

Be Inspired By The Greats

nude art blue Matisse wall decor dining room interior ideas

Image: Matisse Female Seated Nude Art Print

We have a wide range of prints paying homage to the greatest artists and art movements from throughout history. From our collection of Matisse art prints, to the impressionist flower portrait below that's reminiscent of Van Gogh, we have art lovers covered.

botanical art for your dining room van gogh sunflowers inspired

Image: Sunflowers In A Vase Still Life Painting Canvas Print


Find the best art for your dining room using our carefully curated guide. You’ll be breathing life into your family home and entertaining space in no time.

Lead image: Red Deer Stag in Winter Canvas Print

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