Top 10 Large Canvas Art Prints To Buy Now

Top 10 Large Canvas Art Prints To Buy Now

While decorating your home, choosing a large canvas print for your space is a simple way to brighten your walls and add a splash of colour to a room. Canvas prints are an excellent choice of artwork as they are often come in larger sizes and are a more cost-effective option to an original painting. Here are 10 of our hand-picked large canvas art prints that can modernise any wall space and leave you admiring your walls for hours on end.

Large Canvas Prints

1. Navy Is The New Black

large navy contemporary canvas art print by abstract house

Blue & Black Design Canvas Print by Abstract House

Navy is still a popular choice for interiors with designers often choosing the shade for home decor and accessories. It is usually a safe choice when decorating your home as it is so easy to coordinate with other key pieces in your home.

2. The Contemporary

Minimal Bright Shapes Canvas Print by Abstract House

Pairing shapes and contrasting colours is the perfect way to modernise a wall space. We love the blocks of colour and layered abstract shapes in this eye-catching canvas.

3. Luxe Teal Abstracts

 luxe teal abstract prints on canvas by abstract house

Teal Abstract Colours Canvas Set by Abstract House

The soft teal tones and composition of this canvas art set create a serene, calming aesthetic making it the ideal choice for a bedroom or living room, somewhere you can relax after a long day. 

4. A Touch Of Blush

Watercolour Shapes Canvas Print by Abstract House

We are swooning over everything blush this month, so why not add a piece of the latest designer trend with this stunning modern hand-illustrated blush canvas print.

5. Maximalist Jungle Style

maximalism jungle art on canvas by abstract house

Abstract Jungle Canvas Print by Abstract House

Maximalism has been a core focus in interiors trends recently as we look to take even bolder moves, exploring new patterns and colour palettes, when decorating our homes. This large canvas artwork combines jungle themes with a vintage vibe, which I think you'll agree is the perfect blend!

6. Still Life Studies

lemon still life oil painting canvas art print

Lemon Still Life Fine Art Canvas by Abstract House

This bright, lemon still life canvas print comes from an original oil painting and would suit a kitchen or dining room perfectly. Its classic nature also makes it a lovely unique gift for a foodie.

7. Vibrant Colourful Abstracts

vibrant colourful abstract canvas print set

Bright & Colourful Abstract Canvas Set Of 2 by Abstract House

Fill your walls with colour with these two large abstract canvas artworks. The vast colour palette in these canvas means it will match almost any colour walls, so whether you've picked the Farrow & Ball Vardo No.288 or Dulux Pearl Grey, you're sure to create a striking look.

8. Bold In Black & White

black and white abstract canvas art by abstract house

Black & White Abstract Canvas Print by Abstract House

Illustrated shapes have been inspiring art since the times of the legendary Alexander Calder and his pioneering 'mobile' sculptures, with the defining minimalist movement taking shape in the 1960's. Now, you can instantly transform your space with a touch of classic 1960's glamour with this black and white canvas print.

9. Firey Reds

red abstract canvas art print framed by abstract house

Abstract 416 Canvas Print by Abstract House

The vibrant colours in this modern, abstract canvas print will make it take centre stage in your home. The perfect canvas artwork for above the sofa or fireplace, adding lots of light and warmth to your space.

10. Winter Animals

red deer stag canvas print in winter gift idea

Red Deer Stag In Winter by Abstract House

The symbolic red deer stag in its natural habitat is an ideal choice as winter draws in. What we love about this piece is the Autumnal tones and the beauty of the deer itself, making it a great way to bring nature indoors. What's even better is it can be enjoyed year-round!

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