How To Find The Right Sized Wooden Picture Frame

How To Find The Right Sized Wooden Picture Frame - Abstract House

If you have just bought a new house, or are looking to move home, what better way to decorate your walls than with art for your house? You may also want to add those special photographs of your friends, family, kids to make your house feel like a home.

What Size Picture Frame Should I Buy?

As we delve through life, we capture new mementos from pictures, to photographs, vintage prints, children's artwork and drawings, and what better way to keep them secure and enjoy them than hanging them on your walls.

Your home is a portal into your life. With snapshots of memories and achievements, plus plenty of items that represent your own unique style, it’s a space for you to enjoy with loved ones.

Finding the right sized frame can be tricky if you aren't sure where to start. So, if you don't know your passe-partout from your framing profile, let our experts here at Abstract House find the perfect frame for your home.

70 x 70 cm Frame

Wedding photographs and family portraits look great in this large size. 

Large High Quality Photo Frames With Real Glass For Wedding Pictures

Black 70 x 70 cm Frame With Real Glass by Abstract House

If you opt for the mounted version, the window mount fits a 60 x 60 cm picture size. 

If your picture is 70 x 70 cm size, you can choose the frame without a mount to fit perfectly.

The moulding of our wooden picture frames has a 22mm wide and 22mm deep profile with natural wood grain, striking the perfect balance between sturdiness and style.

How To Display Photos As A Gallery Or Picture Wall

Whether you’ve just moved into a new place or are mid-way through your home renovation journey, creating a welcoming, personal space should be top of the agenda. Decorating with framed pictures is the perfect place to start.

Framing your photos, art, certificates and more not only preserves them for years to come, but also provides a luxe finish. You can keep your precious items safe for decades whilst oozing style. 

If you have lots of photos to frame, you can easily display them as a gallery wall or picture wall. Choose from our ready made frame sets with different layout ideas. 

gallery wall set of black frames bedroom


Opt for natural wood frames for a rustic feel. Grey, black, and white offer a contemporary look that suits a range of interior design styles. Wooden picture frame sets are perfect for creating striking gallery walls as a centrepiece for your room. 


A3 White Wooden Frame

Popular with poster prints which usually come in A3 size as standard, the A3 frame size is a good size to add into a gallery wall.

Sustainable Frames

At Abstract House, we offer real glass front glazing for our picture frames, so our products’ durability is matched by high quality scratch resistance for crystal clear viewing. We handcraft solid wood picture frames using sustainable FSC certified materials, meaning they are sourced from sustainable forests. When you buy our products, you’re also helping to preserve our planet for future generations.

Frames to fit A5 Pictures

A5 size is great for creating smaller areas of interest in your home, such as on shelves and the fronts of fireplaces, whilst still being able to enjoy every detail of the image. They’re also ideal for featuring photographs in a mixed media gallery wall, or to create a whole photo gallery wall.  

a5 portrait photo frame

This size suits postcards, amateur holiday snaps, and every day family, friends or couples photos. A5 photo frames are perfect for all your sentimental snippets.

8 x 10 Inch Frames

One of the most popular choices of standard size frames includes the 8 x 10 inch frame. Very popular in the United States, this slightly wider picture has grown in popularity here in England and this size is traditionally used for family portraits, school photographs and other portrait pictures.

Print Your Photo options framed photographs letterbox gifts

21 x 30 cm Photo Frames

Our 21 x 30xcm picture frames fit A5 pictures when used with a white mount. Having an additional border for your picture can make it appear brighter and larger, whilst creating the illusion of professional photography and framing. 

A4 Wooden Picture Frames

30 x 40 cm picture frames with mount to fit a4 pictures

Standard A4 size (also 21 x 30cm) is one of the most popular picture frame sizes. Its versatility makes it suitable for everything from family photos, children’s drawings and school photos, to small posters and art prints.

Frames of this size also make wonderful letterbox gifts, particularly if it contains a precious memory shared by yourself and the recipient. Perhaps you picked up a street artist’s drawing on a trip to Paris and will now gift it to your travel companion. Or maybe a grandparent would love a keepsake from a graduation ceremony, or will treasure that very flattering drawing your young child did of them.

If you’re wanting to print your own photos or posters, make sure the resolution is high enough to not look blurry or pixelated at this size. Your local print shop should be able to advise you on picture quality.

bedroom gallery wall A4 oak picture frames with mount without

Using a white mount with A4 sizes adds sophistication. Our 30 x 40cm frames fit A4 sized photos when paired with our textured mount or passe-partout.

A3 Wooden Picture Frames

As another very popular mid-sized frame, A3 makes an impact in smaller spaces. Our traditional, yet modern frames come in an A3 size without a mount, or you can choose a larger 40 x 50cm frame to include the white border.

Wedding photos, landscape photos, professional travel photos, pregnancy portraits, and wall art would all suit this size. Make your piece the focal point of your kitchen, bathroom, or home office; spaces that can be enhanced by beautiful wall decor.

framed calendar

For a quirky but practical look, you can even frame your A3 sized calendar, keeping you organised while making your desk in the office look a bit more luxe.

A2 Wooden Picture Frames

Large wooden picture frames with A2 sized pictures are ideal for making a statement, either as a solo piece or part of a gallery wall. These could include eye catching keepsakes such as fine art prints, tapestries and commemorative photos. 

Large A2 frames look perfect above a sofa, dining room table, fireplace, or in the master bedroom. They’re truly eye catching, without outcompeting your furniture for size.

Our Largest Picture Frames

dining room wall decor red deer stage impressionist art nature

Outside of standard paper sizing there is also a range of print and picture frame sizes to choose from. Our 70 x 100cm frames fit 60 x 90cm pictures when using a white mount, which is most closely comparable to A1 size.

Expansive pieces aren’t for everyone, but if you’re looking for jaw-dropping framed artwork then this is the size for you. Such large wall decor is ideal for original art and art prints with delicate details, like prints of oil and watercolour paintings or works of Impressionism and Pointillism. 

Tips For Choosing Picture Frame Sizes

colourful picture frames from small to large

Consider the size of your space. A large, framed picture could transform your space and make it the focal of your room.

A useful tip is to measure the blank wall or area you want to fill to determine the size of frames and their contents. For smaller rooms, consider choosing smaller frame sizes or framing without a mount to save on space.

When choosing a frame for an existing picture, photo, or artwork, make sure you measure up so you know the dimensions. You can then easily choose which frame would be most suitable.

If you have an image with a tiny bleed, or a borderless picture that is edge to edge, your picture can fit in a frame with or without a mount, dependent on your preference. Many customers choose a mount as it is a classic look for photographs, whereas the frames without the mount provide a modern touch.

A3 Oak Wooden Picture Frames Natural Wood


With an array of frames on offer, our guide will help you select the best sizes for your pictures, space, and style.

If you need help, get in touch and our expert team would be happy to help you find the perfect frames.

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