Discover the Best Reasons to Pick Dulux Colour of the Year 2024

Discover the Best Reasons to Pick Dulux Colour of the Year 2024

Dulux are established paint manufacturers producing affordable paint colours for both homeowners, renters and trade professionals to use across their homes and on furniture.

Every year, paint manufacturers announce their colour of the year, following research on consumer and trend data. It is of course an opportunity for home decorators and renovators to choose a new, unique colour. We're here to give you some insight and top tips on how to incorporate this new colour into your home or office.

What Is The Dulux Colour Of The Year?

dulux paint colour of the year 2024 sweet embraceDulux has unveiled the 2024 colour of the year, 'Sweet Embrace', chosen by expert trend forecasters to reflect the current global mood.

Sweet Embrace is identified by Dulux as a gentle, inviting pink that inspires emotions of tenderness, comfort, and assurance during uncertain times.

Research shows that following insight by leading interior designers and Dulux, the teams discovered after 21 years of trend forecasting that while people felt more informed globally this year than ever before, many of us had lost those moments of clarity and joy as our hectic lives returned to normal.

We believe Sweet Embrace is all about grasping opportunities which creates a more positive outlook and future, opening up ideas about how to make little but necessary changes and improvements in your life, whether they are health and wellness, lifestyle changes or simply updates to your decor to make you feel happier in a more colourful and vibrant aesthetic that appeals to your personality.

One of the easiest way to incorporate colour into your home space is through art. Our team of curators have selected some of our favourite artworks which are inspired by the Sweet Embrace hue. Handpicked from our curated selection, these artworks will guide you to the perfect piece if you're looking to add this muted pastel pink hue to your interior decor.

dulux colour of the year 2024
Many of our artworks feature the Sweet Embrace color, providing a range of choices and inspirations for your home. We have curated 10 pieces that you are sure to appreciate. Be sure to explore our full collection.

1 - Pink Light At Dawn Framed Canvas


2 - Abstract Peach Sky Art Print

3 - Vintage Abstract Canvas Print

4 - Minimal Abstract Shapes Canvas Print

5 - Abstract Study I Framed Canvas

6 - Organic Design Art Print

7 - Modern Blush Strokes Art Print

8 - Fresh Shapes Art Print

9 - Modern Cactus Illustrated Art Print

10 - Soft Colours Abstract Canvas Print

Discover our muted colours collection.

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