10 Easy Ways to Bring the Coast into Your Living Room

10 Easy Ways to Bring the Coast into Your Living Room

Love the beach? Find out our top tips on how to get the coastal look for your living room with affordable art and poster prints from Abstract House.

There is something special about the coast. The golden sands, fresh soft breeze and calming waves washing up on a beach - it's no surprise coastal decor is gaining popularity in the DIY and Home Decor market.

Now, bringing a piece of the ocean into your home doesn't need to be challenging. Here are our top tips on sprucing up your home with unique, original beach and coastal art prints so you and enjoy the coast no matter the weather! 

1 - Sandy Beach Impressionist Art Print

Sandy Beach Impressionist Art Print. People laying down next to the coast, enjoying the beach beside the rich blue ocean. Perfect for bringing relaxation to your home decor. This stunning impressionist art print captures the essence of a sandy shore with people leisurely enjoying the beach next to the vibrant blue ocean.

2 - Tropical Island Canvas Print

Tropical Island Canvas Print. A pair of tall palm trees stand in this stunning beach backdrop, ideal for those striving for a getaway to a tropical island of their very own. The print covers the edges of the canvas, stretched on a wooden frame and is framed and ready to hang, with a floating frame included. This high-quality canvas print is perfect for adding a touch of tropical paradise to any room in your home.

3 - Coastal Bliss Canvas Print

Coastal Bliss Canvas Print. This impressionist style print of a sandy bay is every beach lover's dream. The scenic view of a sandy, golden coast with pastel blue skies is sure to bring the beauty of the coast to your home. Capture the essence of coastal serenity with our Coastal Bliss Canvas Print.

4 - Sandy Bay Painting Canvas Print

Sandy Bay Painting Canvas Print. A sandy bay impressionist canvas print with modern blue, white, green, brown tones. 100% Cotton Canvas stretched on a wooden frame, framed and ready to hang with a choice of black or white floating frame.

5 - Coasting Framed Canvas

Capture the adventures of coastal living with this framed canvas. Complementing a modern art aesthetic, it depicts two sail boats sailing on the coast, with dark navy waves and grey and blush pink skies, evoking a sense of exploration and adventure. Perfect for bringing coastal decor to any room, Coasting Framed Canvas is ideal for those seeking a uniquely beautiful piece of art.

6 - Boat In The Sand Canvas Print

Boat In The Sand Canvas Print. An impressionist style print of a blue boat anchored in on a yellow sandy beach. The soft fluffy clouds rising on a calming blue sky, with deep blue sea in the background make this the ideal artwork for a coastal themed interior.

7 - Path To The Beach Canvas Print

Path To The Beach Canvas Print. The perfect scene, a hidden pathway that leads to a beautiful, secluded sandy beach. The muted blue skies with luscious leafy evergreens contrasts with the wooden stairwell that lead to the sea.  

8 - Rocks On The Beach Canvas Print

Rocks On The Beach Canvas Print of a sandy bay with modern blue, white, green, brown tones. 100% Cotton Canvas on a wooden frame, comes framed and ready to hang with a black or white floating frame. The high-quality canvas material ensures durability and longevity, while the wooden frame adds a touch of elegance to your space.

9 - Cape Spartel Morocco Art Print

Cape Spartel Morocco Art Print. This beautiful art print comes from an original oil painting. Printed using true colour technology for the perfect, authentic finish. The intricate details captured in this art print showcase the skill and craftsmanship of the original oil painting.

10 - Sunset Landscape Fine Art Print

Sunset Landscape Fine Art Print. This art print originates from an original oil painting. Utilises true colour technology for an authentic finish. Vibrant colours and intricate details make it a striking addition to any decor.

We hope you enjoyed browsing our top tips on how to add coastal decor to your living room. Do you have a coastal theme in your home? We'd love to feature you. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook and tag us in your photo! 

And don't forget to browse our full Coastal Collection of fine art prints and canvas art.

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