Best Abstract Art Prints to Buy in May 2021

Best Abstract Art Prints to Buy in May 2021

Abstract art is a modern classic. From playful colours to vague figures, there is something for everyone in the realm of abstract art.

If it wasn't obvious from our name, at Abstract House we have a certain affinity for prints featuring indistinguishable shapes and layered textures. Take a look at our top picks for abstract prints that you need in your home this month.

1 - Abstract 50

Originally painted by our CEO and founder Omar Obaid, this best-selling abstract art print looks stunning in rooms with a warm-toned colour palette.

abstract painting featuring pinks, oranges, and yellows in a warm-toned bedroom

Image: @duluxuk on Instagram

2 - Minted Art Print 

This print features abstract shapes against a mint background and will give a ‘fun and fresh’ feel to any space.

Abstract art orange and white shapes against a mint green background art print

3 - Abstract Line Drawing - Print Set Of 2 

It’s no secret that line drawings are a massive trend, but unlike other trends they’re also timeless -- so why not get a set of two?

Set of two abstract line illustrations in neutral tones in a beige coloured living room

4 - Scandi Shapes With Lines 2 Art Print

The Scandi vibe is another trend that’s here to stay. Scandinavian style abstract art prints are a whimsical addition to any room.

Scandi style framed abstract art print with shapes in tones of pink, beige, and grey in a white room

5 - Botanical Abstract Leaf Canvas Art Print 

Abstract botanicals are a favourite at Abstract House. The blue, red, yellow and green tones make this leaf print on canvas a must-have, even if you lack a green thumb.

Botanical abstract leaves and shapes on canvas featuring blues, oranges, reds, greens, and yellows

6 - Pink Marble Square Art Print 

Bubbles, blotches and blobs, oh my! This marbled abstract art print features mesmerising shades of pink in a unique square frame.

abstract Art print featuring a marble design with bubbles and blobs in shades of pink

7 - Abstract Paris Art Print

This impressionist image of the Eiffel Tower has us dreaming of rainy days in Paris.

Art print featuring a distorted image of the Eiffel Tower in Paris

8 - Peach Abstract Splatter Art Print 

Pollock-inspired paint splatter prints make a bright and bold statement in any space.

Jackson Pollock-inspired purple paint splatter on peach background abstract art

9 - Abstract Field with Colours 2 art Print 

This picture layered with colourful shapes is perfect for the photography lover with an affinity for abstract art.

Abstract blue pink and red shapes against photograph of a field

10 - Mustard Line Faces Abstract Art Print  

Figurative human forms aren’t a new phenomenon, yet we seem to have a new-found infatuation with including them in our decor.  This line faces abstract would make an excellent addition to a gallery wall.

Abstract line faces with mustard paint patch

11 - Abstract Jungle Canvas Art Print

Abstract art on canvas is a classic for a reason: canvas is the perfect playground for bright colours and varied shapes. 

Abstract pink, blue, red, black, and green shapes on canvas

12 - Pink Violin Contemporary Art Print

Music lovers, this one's for you. This abstract remix on a simple violin print adds a sprinkle of flair. 

Picture of violin layered with pink and burgundy paint strokes

13 - Neutral Abstract Brushed Square Art Print

Neutral abstract art such as this relies on layered textures to create an interesting dynamic. Neutral abstract brush strokes on square art print

14 - Abstract Black Lines Art Print

Black and white prints have a chameleon-like quality that allows them to adapt to any space, which is why this abstract is one of our favourites.

Art print featuring abstract black lines against white background


We hope you enjoyed our selection of curated abstract art prints to buy this year!

Have a browse through our full collection of abstract prints and canvases and get inspired to find your next favourite artwork.

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