Best Abstract Art Prints to Buy in 2024

Best Abstract Art Prints to Buy in 2024

Abstract art is a modern classic. From playful colours to textural brushstrokes, and organic shapes, there is something for everyone in the realm of abstract wall art.

Here at Abstract House, our exclusive collection of art is designed and made in our London studio. As our Founder is a best-selling abstract artist, you'll unveil a series of original paintings, limited edition art and framed art prints. Whether you're searching for a large canvas wall art print, or a set of framed pictures for your wall, our expert curators have put together the best abstract art prints to buy this month.

Updated: April 2024

Mid Century Abstract Framed Canvas

mid century modern abstract wall art canvas design UK

Add colour and flair with an on-trend mid century abstract canvas artwork. Featured in Houzz, this exclusive Mid Century Modern design by Abstract House is just the ticket to brighten up your room and elevate your interior.

Still Life Study I Framed Canvas

modern black and white neutral square canvas art prints UK

Photo Credit: @home_of_harris

If cosiness is your domain, bringing in neutral art with impact will add hygge to your space. This abstract canvas artwork brings the space together.

Abstract Blush River Tones Set Of 2 Prints

luxury living room wall art prints diptych set of 2

Photo Credit: Studio Miaki

For that elevated luxe look, bring luxury elegance into your living room with this striking muted abstract framed print set. The beautiful painterly style showcases a series of brushstrokes from an original painting, for a classic fine art look.

Impressionist Neutral Mood Framed Canvas

large canvas wall art print UK

This striking modern abstract canvas features tonal greys, brown and beige neutral tones. It's perfect displayed above a sofa in a living room and will add instant impact to your interior.

Abstract Pastel Beige Colours Framed Canvas

extra large neutral abstract wall art prints

Photo Credit: @YosHouseUK

This modern striking neutral framed canvas print pictured at luxury London AirBNB getaway spot Yo's House is an ideal choice for contemporary interiors. Bringing together all the colours in this space, this stunning large canvas wall art print elevates the luxurious modern decor.

Abstract Streams Framed Canvas Set

colourful blue abstract canvas set of 2 prints

Photo Credit: @houseoffthelane

If you're a fan of the ocean, bring the coast indoors with this stunning abstract seascape canvas set. With a colourful burst of sea blues, pink hues and blend of white and neutrals, this canvas diptych will bring added light and a pop of colour to your walls.

Neutral Abstract Sands Canvas Print

large neutral canvas prints UK

Photo Credit: Lifestyle Magazine 

Abstract pictures is typically associated with vibrant colour and movements but in this abstract canvas wall art, simplicity plays an important part to tie the room together while keeping the subject matter for the eye of the beholder to interrupt.

Colour Block 5 Framed Art Print

framed pictures for bedroom sideboard UK

Photo Credit: Customer Photo

Bring in contemporary colour with this striking framed abstract wall art. Perfect hung in an entrance hallway or as a piece of shelfie art, either leaning on a sideboard or in a fitted bookcase. It's an ideal gift too for someone who appreciates art.

Abstract Green Pastel Framed Canvas

green abstract wall art prints canvas print UK

Bring nature's colours in with this gorgeous muted canvas print. Handcrafted in our West London studio and framed in a sustainable solid wood frame, our canvas prints are the epitome of luxury. This stunning canvas artwork is ideal in any room, and when hung alongside indoor house plants elevates nature's beauty to create the optimal sanctuary.

Mid Century Modern Shapes Framed Print Set

framed pictures for home office art

Looking for a pop of navy to decorate your home office space? Show them who's boss with this playful yet contemporary framed print set in sustainable glass frames.

The Waves Canvas Set Of 2

buy large canvas art prints UK abstract

Add coastal chic to your bedroom or living room with this expressive abstract canvas pair. These oversized pictures will add the spontaneity of the crashing tides in a lustrous palette of white, blues, navy and yellow-neutral tones.

Abstract 449 Framed Canvas

oversized abstract wall art prints UK

We hope you enjoyed our selection of curated abstract art prints and got inspired with new colours and styles for your space.

Have a browse through our full collection of abstract wall art prints and get inspired to find your next favourite artwork.

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