The Best Farrow & Ball Paint Colours For 2020

The Best Farrow & Ball Paint Colours For 2020

If you are looking to decorate your home, Farrow & Ball's new paint collection could transform the dynamic of your space. 

Whether you are looking to add a light and airy feel to your room, or a darker, luxe aesthetic, the British upmarket paint manufacturer Farrow & Ball could have the exact shade to create the space of your dreams.

British Made Quality Paints

We love that Farrow & Ball paints are all manufactured in England, in fact in their Dorset warehouse. Their skilled team of craftsman and colour experts conjure up the most exciting and on-trend colours for use throughout the home. 

So, let's move on to the best Farrow & Ball paint colours.

Our Favourite Paints

De Nimes No.299

The deep blue tones of the De Nimes No.299 paint shade make it an ideal choice for a living room or dining room. Adding different textured fabrics in a matching colour can really bring the paint into it's own, as seen here at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show at Jardin Blanc.

Worsted No.284

Described as a rich grey, the Worsted No.284 oozes elegance and will instantly make your room look and feel more glamorous. Pictured here on a single wall, the Worsted No.284 paint colour looks graceful alongside a tall chandelier. 

Light Blue No.22

The subtle softness of Light Blue No.22 adds the perfect border in any room. If you want something other than Magnolia, we certainly recommended this colour as a good alternative.

Pink Ground No. 402

A splash of pink can brighten up any room, and the dusty tones of Farrow & Ball's Pink Ground No.402 colour can evolve. 

Described as the softest blush pink colour for a soothing finish that doesn't feel sugary, we love how grown up this colour feels and can't wait to see it in action!

Farrow and Ball Pink Ground blush paint colour

Eco-Friendly Paint

Farrow And Ball Eco Friendly Paint

In an exciting new collaboration with The Natural History Museum, Farrow & Ball have launched a brand new collection called Colour By Nature in a bid to enable you to bring the true colours of nature into your home.

We took a look at the collection and chose our favourite colour!

Imperial Purple No.W40

farrow and ball eco friendly paint the natural history museum

Ideal for creating a bold colour wall in a dining room or bedroom, the Imperial Purple No.W40 can transform a room into the modern age. The paint was created using deep parts of Flower of Saffron Crocus, so choosing this sustainable paint colour truly brings the outdoors in! 

We hope you enjoyed reading about our favourite Farrow & Ball paint colours. 

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