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Unique Architectural Homes For Sale In Los Angeles

Unique Architectural Homes For Sale In Los Angeles - Abstract House

los angeles best architecturally designed homes for sale

Homes Built With Passion

Los Angeles has long-since become a hub for unique architecture and world-class design. Each construction is designed in a particular style, such as Art Deco, Midcentury Modern or Spanish Colonial Revival.

You can find out more about the history of Los Angeles architecture in this complete guide by Curbed.

With a high supply of quality constructions in the area, LA celebrates with it's own annual AIA Los Angeles Design Awards, which is one of the most prestigious award shows in the architecture calendar. Created to honour the excellence of built developments by architects in Los Angeles, the submissions for this year are coming to a close. But, while we await in anticipation of the results and winning designs, it's not difficult to find architectural masterpieces that have already been constructed and are currently on the market.

Whether you are looking for a residential property in Claremont, Newport Beach or one that overlooks the Hollywood hills, we thought we would take a look at a selection of architecturally designed homes for sale right now in Los Angeles, California.


1. 9601 Oak Pass Rd Beverly Hills

9601 Oak Pass Rd Beverly Hills LA

Source: Zillow

2. 314 N Barrington Ave, Los Angeles

314 N Barrington Ave Los Angeles

Source: Zillow

3. 8366 Sunset View Dr, Los Angeles

8366 Sunset View Dr, Los Angeles Homes For Sale

Source: Zillow


4. 2511 Carman Crest Dr, Los Angeles

2511 Carman Crest Dr, Los Angeles Residential Property For Sale

Source: Zillow 

5. 11951 Crest Pl, Beverly Hills

11951 Crest Place Beverly Hills real estate for sale

Source: Zillow

We hope you liked our selection of stunning residential properties for sale in Los Angeles, California. Which one was your favourite? Let us know what you think on Facebook or Instagram.

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