5 Reasons Why Brave Ground Is Dulux Colour Of The Year 2021

5 Reasons Why Brave Ground Is Dulux Colour Of The Year 2021 - Abstract House

Paint manufacturer Dulux has announced it's colour of the year for 2021 is the neutral shade 'Brave Ground'.

A much-needed comforting choice after a challenging year, this soft tone oozes a warm, snug aesthetic which makes it the ideal choice to bring cosiness into any room - perfect for those working from home moments as you prepare to embark on yet another zoom call.

Dulux paint brave ground colour inspiration

Dulux describes the colour as bringing ‘a bolstering, balancing feel to any room.’ With much of 2020 being spent at home indoors, the way we value and feel about our home environment has changed and it has led us to prioritise how our home space looks and feels more than ever. Creating the ideal space to live, work and relax has the impact to improve wellbeing, and the choice of Brave Ground with its earthy tones and calming aesthetics is a welcomed addition to a brand new year with the hope of many new positive opportunities.

Dulux paint brave ground house paint colour

Similar to ‘Stony Ground’ by Farrow & Ball, Dulux is the more affordable choice and is available at all major hardware and DIY stores as well as online.

What’s not to love? Its deep mocha tones adds a modern touch to a room, and it can also be paired with a brighter palette if you dare to be bold.

1. Natural, Warm Tones
After the year we’ve all experienced, home decor trends have centered around creating the ultimate calm and cosy environment for you to live and work in. What’s more calming than sandy tones reminiscent of the beach on a warm day in summer?

dulux brave ground colour of the year 

2. Earthy Substance

The focus on procuring nature and all of its beauty is something we have all begun to make positive changes in our day to day lives to achieve. From shopping at zero waste and zero plastic food stores, to purchasing handmade and made to order goods, it is something that we demand more of everyday, making the Earthy tone of Brave Ground a wonderful reminder of our efforts of preserving nature as well as all the progress we have achieved in building a more sustainable future.

Dulux paint brave ground colour home decor 2021 inspiration

3. Inspired By The Environment

During lockdown, many found they had new pockets of time freed up which, on a normal day, would mean hours spent commuting to work. They were instead spent at home in their newly positioned home office. with time to spare. Extra time allowed people to slow down, relax and take them back to basics as they began exploring nature and places of natural beauty in their neighbourhood. Surrounded by muddy palettes, it made us feel differently about the world we live in, and encouraged us to find ways to bring our environment indoors.

Dulux paint brave ground colour inspiration Colour expert 

4. Experiment With Bold Colours

With the evolution of Pinterest and Instagram as the go-to source of inspiration when creating a mood board, how can you achieve something different to the safer neutral grey interiors? It’s now even easier to create a strikingly modern finish by pairing the neutral ‘Brave Ground’ paint with a bolder colour or vibrant accessories to create an interior unique to your space. Think hot pinks and neon greens which, although an unusual choice for a home environment, the vibrant colours can add light to an otherwise dull space.

Dulux brave ground paint for internal walls doors

5. Ultra Cosy Aesthetic

Picture the setting of chestnut scented candles burning on a snowy day. A tranquil space which combined with neutral wall colours can create the most serene environment, perfect for work and relaxation. There’s nothing better than switching off your technology and embracing the calm to unwind.

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