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How to find the perfect artwork for your space

How to find the perfect artwork for your space-Abstract House

Like music, art is a very personal thing. Finding a style or piece that speaks to you directly and inspires feelings and emotions is the reason that art is a popular pastime for many people, so if you’re just getting into art and thinking of starting your own collection, then this guide to finding the perfect artwork for your space is a must-read. 

Here are our expert tips on how to get started.

Set your budget 

The cost of art ranges from just a few pounds to millions, so before you start on that search for a piece of art that you simply have to have, set yourself a limit and stick to it.

Art doesn’t need to be original or expensive, and wall art prints are a great place to start if your budget is limited right now, so don’t feel that you need to spend hundreds of pounds to find the piece that will suit your space perfectly.


Uncover art styles and subjects

 Getting a better idea of the art styles and subjects that you enjoy is one of the most enjoyable parts of finding a new piece of art, so take your time to browse through our website. Shortlist pieces you feel would best suit your décor and that you know you will enjoy looking at for the foreseeable future.

From abstract original artwork to wall art prints featuring themes such as travel, botanicals and animals, there’s a subject or style to suit everyone.   

Think about your space 

You might have seen the perfect piece of art that suits your own sense of style or home décor, but if it's the wrong size, then it's pretty pointless in owning it unless you've got a safe space to store it until you decide to move house. 

Before you order anything, it’s essential that you measure the wall you’re hoping to hang your artwork on, and a good rule of thumb is to leave 3/8 of the width of your art on each side of your wall to ensure that it looks perfect once hung. 

If you’re thinking of doing something a little different, then you can also combine smaller framed pieces of artwork into one stand-out feature to add interest to your wall and catch the attention of visitors to your home – it really is up to you, so just choose the pieces you like best and don’t be afraid to experiment. 

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