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How To Curate A Gallery Wall: Top Tips From Our Experts

How To Curate A Gallery Wall: Top Tips From Our Experts

Here at Abstract House, gallery walls are one of our favourite things we love curating for our clients.

So, what exactly is a gallery wall? Summer Obaid, our Director & Head Of Design tells us everything you need to know.

Photo Credit: MyBespokeRoom. Art: Blue Landscape Gallery Wall

We met up with our friends over at MyBespokeRoom to curate our very own gallery wall and inspire you to have confidence in your choices, so that you can choose your favourite artworks and simply hang and enjoy the art in your home or office.

Photo Credit: MyBespokeRoom at Abstract House showroom

"Curating a gallery wall is about finding pieces of art you love, pieces that speak to you. The beauty of art means it will grow with you through each new chapter in your life." says Summer Obaid, Head Of Design at Abstract House.

Find out how here!

A quick tip for curating a gallery wall is to place the framed pictures and artwork on a soft surface, such as a carpet or rug, so that you can mix and match different layouts before committing to a layout on the wall.

Find out more about Gallery Walls or let us curate your very own gallery wall with our Free Art Consultation.

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