Original Art To Invest In 2024 Edition

Original Art To Invest In 2024 Edition

Original paintings are one-of-a-kind, hand-painted authentic artworks, either on canvas or paper, created by an artist that also have the benefit of that added exclusivity that once they are gone, they are gone!

Why Are Original Paintings A Good Investment?

Once you discover an artist you love, whose work moves you and you connect with the artist in an incomparable way, you'll soon find yourself growing your art collection fast. This is just one of the reasons original paintings sell so quickly. As emerging artists grow and expand their art collections, their prices can rise in price. Once their art develops a fan base, the artist's collectors continue purchasing new original paintings and this leads to a surge in demand for the artist's work, resulting in higher prices. This makes original art a good opportunity for investment. 


Photo: Artist Omar Obaid in his studio.

"My collectors tell me they find my art soothing, for the mind and soul. Art lovers can form new connections with original art, finding a piece that speaks to them, seeing a new thing in a painting that represents their life today or perhaps in the past. That's one of the strongholds an original painting has. Once you connect with a piece you love, the painting will see you through new chapters in your life." says Omar Obaid, British bestselling artist and CEO & Founder of Abstract House.

Why Buy Original Art?

Choosing an original painting over a print, for example, is a great way to begin investing in original art and building your art collection. As with all things, art isn't only about decoration, and it isn't only about investment. You've got to love the artwork as you'll be living with the art for many years to come.

Are Original Paintings Expensive?

So, how much do original paintings cost? One of the most expensive original paintings sold was Leonardo Da Vinci's Salvator Mundi (aged circa 1500) which sold in November 2017 in Christie's in New York, USA. The masterpiece sold for $450.3 million dollars, however this includes the commission paid to Christie's.

This is one thing artists have to contend with. Artists that display and exhibit their art in art galleries, whether physical brick-and-mortar stores or online art galleries, pay the galleries a commission fee for each sale. The approximate cost of commission is around 50%, often with 20% VAT added on their fee for British artists, With growing costs of marketing and advertising, this has resulted in original paintings often selling for £5,000 or higher.

How Much Do Original Paintings Cost?

Photo Credit: 'Follow Me Down The Rabbit Hole', Original Abstract Painting by Artist Omar Obaid.

Original paintings can cost, as you've seen, up to millions of pounds. There is speculation 'The Mona Lisa' painting sold for $1 billion dollars, a substantial amount for a painting. Here at Abstract House, our original paintings start from £250. Every painting comes framed in a beautiful solid wood handcrafted frame. As members of the Fine Art Trade Guild, your painting will be framed to exceptional industry standards. Each painting comes signed, dated and titled on the back, with a signed Certificate Of Authenticity by the artist.

What's the difference between an original painting and a limited edition print?

Original paintings are one of a kind, meaning there has only been one created. This makes an original painting more of a collectable piece, often perceived to have a higher value and a larger price tag than a limited edition print. However, with the limited amount of space in the city, limited edition fine art prints have become a more affordable choice to a painting.

Limited edition art prints should be assessed to see the edition size and also if they come with a Certificate Of Authenticity, very useful for reselling purposes should the need arise or for investment opportunity.

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Here at Abstract House, our limited edition art prints come in edition sizes of 100. They also come framed in our beautiful, sustainable solid wood frames, to Guild Of Fine Art standards.

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