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Home Staging: How To Add Value When Selling Your Property

Home Staging: How To Add Value When Selling Your Property

Property on the market? Discover why home staging is the answer to selling your home for more.

Home staging ideas how to stage your home with art to sell your property fast and for a higher value  

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They say moving home can be one of the most stressful times of your life. Fortunately, we have some tips that could make the eventual sale that much easier. With the art of home staging, you can increase your chances of selling with the possibility of increasing the value. Here is the best way to go about it:


Consider your material

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When looking to stage your home, there is one very important first step to take.  Considering what your home actually is. Whilst the process of home staging itself will not change with what kind of home you have, the way you do it certainly will. For instance, if you live in a Victorian town house, the way you choose to style interiors will differ to what it would be if you lived in a new-build flat built in 2010. Choosing a fixed and cohesive theme throughout the entirety of your property will give an ordered and spacious feel to your home.


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Add personality

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It is true that generally it is best to stick to light colours when preparing your property for viewings. However, prospective buyers also like to see some pops of colour that may give the home a bit of character. In terms of the psychology of colour, it has been proven that generally most people gravitate towards blue.

You can incorporate this into your staging by adding a coloured rug or chair into your living space to add an element of surprise for the viewer. Alternatively, hang up a piece of modern art for extra interest and for that imperative pop of colour. 

Adding art to your property is the easiest and possibly the most cost-effective way to create impact and make your home feel more stylish and cosy, something prospective buyers are looking for when choosing to make an offer.

When it comes to art, if you are looking to target high-end buyers, choosing a large original painting to place above your living room sofa might be the answer to adding value to your space and making it more homely. If you’re on a budget, a large canvas print or set of framed prints could be the answer to adding modern style to your interiors at an affordable price point.

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Declutter, declutter,

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As tidying guru, Marie Kondo once said “keep only the items that spark joy.” This rule applies to most areas of life but is particularly important when setting your space up for viewings. Decluttering your home may feel like a daunting task at first but if it is not done, it will be one of the first things viewer’s notice.  

It may be difficult to find the space to put the belongings you choose to remove. This may be a time to consider adding additional storage. Storage solutions can be found for reasonable costs and will certainly appeal to viewers who will probably be in a similar situation with an excess of “things”!

Without that added clutter, your home will feel much bigger and could increase the value of the property as well as the rate of offers.  

Reimagine the space 

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Once you have a clear and tidy space, it is much easier to see the potential of each room. You will also be able to see any small details that may need reparation or revision. When these have been taken care of, it is important to look at the room at face value, trying to envisage how a stranger may interpret it. For instance, you may have dark walls in your living room, but many would ordinarily prefer paler, neutral tones. Not only are these colours more popular, but light reflecting colours create a sense of space in a room.

Rework the floorplan

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With your familiarity of your space, as well as the likelihood that you have arranged your furniture in the most liveable fashion, it is difficult to reconsider a room’s layout. But, when staging a home, you have to rethink how you prioritise what looks best and what works best. 


For example, when considering where to place a coffee table, you should worry less about whether its obstructing a cupboard door and more about whether it sits well amongst the other furniture. Or, if you choose to use your living space as an office for when you work from home, make sure you rearrange it so that it's a functioning living space for viewings.  

The Beauty of Comfort

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It wasn’t too long ago when everyone was looking to live in homes that looked and felt like minimalist art exhibitions. However, the trend for open concept living has rapidly disappeared. Since the pandemic and its subsequent impact on our lifestyles, we are all looking for different qualities to a home. 

Now that working from home is very much a norm, privacy is something that many viewers will be looking for. This extra time being spent in the home has also put an added importance on comfort. When setting up your home for viewings, make sure you demonstrate this by adding homely touches to your living spaces such as a throw and cushions. If viewers are easily able to visualise living in your home on a day-to-day basis, the value of your property could certainly increase. 


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The advantages of bringing nature indoors can never be overestimated! If you add a few pot plants to your kitchen or living room, you will create a sense of fresh. This is crucial when home staging as it is very easy for a lived-in home to develop a tired feel. Whilst bringing in pot plants to give a fresh and natural feel is a good idea, having dead or dying plants would have the reverse effect. If plant-parenting isn’t one of your talents, it may be worth investing in some Botanical Art Prints instead. 


As well as creating a feeling of fresh, it is also important to make sure your home is technically fresh as well. Make sure you have cleaned your entire property and deodorised any areas that are susceptible to bad smells (such as the kitchen). An expert tip for ensuring your space stays fresh during viewing is to burn some essential oils whilst they are in progress. Humans are naturally very concerned with smells and it is probable that creating a good scent throughout your property will increase the value of it. 



 Choosing the perfect lighting ideas for your home staging

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When using artificial lighting, make sure you have dusted all shades and exposed bulbs as the light will draw attention. If any of your fixtures are damaged or stained, you can find some affordable temporary replacements.


Depending on whether you have a large kitchen or office, you could consider ‘task lighting’. This concept is widely used to create better visibility and a feeling of openness across large spaces and particularly above surfaces that may be used for working. 



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Don’t forget the entrance! If you live in a property that has a front porch, ensure you have given it sufficient attention alongside the rest of your home. After all, it is the first impression your prospective buyer will have of their potential buy. Apart from the obvious, such as making sure your bins aren’t outside your front door, decluttering is your best friend once again! 

Once you have decluttered, it is important to clean any outdoor surfaces as well as your front door. Next, consider your space and if a couple of pot plants could flank the doorway. Alternatively, you may want to consider a coat of paint on your door if it has become faded or damaged with time. 

Improving the entry to your home could have an incredible impact on the value of your property. If you make the experience of entering your home as clean and attractive as possible, viewers will be predisposed in favour of the rest of the property.

How to home stage or sell your property on a budget

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When staging your home, it can be easy to obsess over small details, adding to the overall stress of the sale! It is possible to contact professionals who can come to your home and set it up. However, if you use our guide to home staging, you won’t go wrong.

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