How to create a luxurious living room interior in 10 easy steps

How to create a luxurious living room interior in 10 easy steps - Abstract House

Your living room should be a place that provides you with comfort and relaxation - but that doesn’t mean that you should skimp on style with your home decor. Luxurious living rooms can add an elegant flair to your space, focusing on design. But what should you choose if you are looking to create luxury interior design in your living room? We explore some luxury interior design ideas to help you create your perfect living area.

Try colour drenching

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One of the most current trends in contemporary design is colour drenching. Especially popular with those who enjoy rich jewel tones, colour drenching involves painting your walls a darker and moodier shade - think deeper blues, greens and purples. When it comes to creating a luxurious space that still feels like home, colour drenching is a great way to do this easily. Rather than leaving window frames and skirting boards a neutral shade, colour drenching encourages these to be painted the same colour as your walls, turning your living room into an elegant and aesthetic space. It is an excellent way to make larger living rooms feel a little cosier and can be complemented with matching accessories or flourishes of gold and silver.

Add statement accessories

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When it comes to the accessories and ornaments in your living room, when you want the luxury vibe you should think big. Literally big. A large clock can dominate a wall and act as a focal point for your living room, or select a vase to place on an end table. Think about the overall luxury aesthetic of the space and match your statement accessories to it. This could mean a sculpture with a marble appearance or a vintage timepiece that will draw the eye and create a cohesive sense of design.

Introduce oversized art pieces

original large paintings
Photo Credit: Original Paintings by Abstract House

Unless you are adopting a completely minimalist approach to your living room, one of the best ways to add luxury is with the art you choose. Large pictures and paintings can be the perfect way to make your space feel like an art gallery, and you can choose art that brings a pop of colour to a neutral wall. Modern or abstract art is especially complementary for an elegant area.

Another way of selecting art is by looking for paintings with colours that are already in your living room - a red-toned picture will create an even more luxurious area when paired with red accessories or throws.

Cosy down with push throws and cushions

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Throws and cushions can bring luxury to any living room, but to truly embrace the luxurious aesthetic, you should think about what materials you choose. Velvet cushions filled with feather-down in deeper shades can make your sofa look fresh, and a neutral chenille throw on the back or arm of a chair adds comfort to your home. By selecting the right materials, your living room will look more expensive without breaking the bank.

Choose luxury rugs for your living room

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Whether you are looking to step into a deep, soft rug, or prefer the look of a linen or It is more popular than ever to have exposed wooden floors, or at least to replicate the appearance of them. However, while these can look gorgeous, they are best when accented with deep and soft rugs. A large sheepskin rug placed under a coffee table or in front of a fireplace instantly adds glamour and luxury to your living room and encourages ideas of relaxation and indulgence.

Install large lighting fixtures

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A large lighting fixture is an excellent way to flood your room with the exact amount of light you need. This stunning piece is a bespoke chandelier created for this London penthouse apartment, fitted with the latest Fendi Casa collection dining chairs and furniture. Even if you are looking to update your overhead lights with modern features, add intimacy with a large standing lamp in the corner of your room. A stunning lamp can be modern and minimalist or hark back to vintage styles, and can provide muted lighting while also acting as another statement accessory.

Choose printed wallpaper

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If you love all things vintage, then printed wallpaper can be a good choice. While you might not want to create the visual clutter of four printed wallpaper walls, a feature wall with a bold and eye-catching print can add an elegant and classic element to your living area. Choose larger wallpaper prints such as florals to keep it from looking too busy.

Uncover original features

Stephen fletcher architects Houzz luxury victorian conversion

Photo Credit: Stephen Fletcher Architects on Houzz

Are you lucky enough to live in a home with original features? A fireplace is a common original feature that can still be found in many homes. If you have kept the original feature in all it's glory, or painted it in a neutral shade, take this opportunity to update it and make sure it is the centrepiece of your living room. Whether you have a fireplace or an arch, make sure to give it some attention as these architectural elements can bring more visual interest and echo the elegance of your furnishings.

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If you don't have original features in your home, fear not - you can easily add features with cornicing or fitted bookcases to get the striking look of a Victorian conversion.

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Adding a bespoke fitted wardrobe into your living room elevates the interiors, while creating storage space, removing any clutter to create the perfect, functional living room.

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Photo Credit: Paul Craig Photography, Timeless And Elegant Interior Design on Houzz

Opt for additional seating

artist jack Pierson living room in greenwich village New York as seen in architectural digest

Photo Credit: Architectural Digest, artist Jack Pierson's living room in Greenwich Village.

If you have a larger living room, pieces of statement furniture are a wonderful way to give your space a little more luxury. In modern living rooms, focusing the living area by adding extra seating can really define the space. If you have more room, a chaise longue or day bed instead of a classic window seat can make your living room feel like a step back in time, but with added luxury. A classic piece of furniture that is also functional, it doesn’t have to be your main sofa, but whether new or vintage it can bring a fresh design element to your space.

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Layer with textured materials

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Photo Credit: Element Construction Partners

Before you begin buying furniture and accessories, think about the materials you choose - and not just for throw pillows. Natural materials almost always seem more luxurious and expensive than plastic and mixed blends. Consider choosing leather and wood, as well as metallic finishes, to ensure that your luxury, high quality aesthetic is carried through in every area of your living room.

Additionally, on your walls, you can add the effect of texture and difference by adding wood panelling.

studio schicketanz luxury living room interior styling

Photo Credit: Studio Schicketanz mid-century modern living room in San Francisco

With these tips for luxury interiors, you can create a decadent and beautifully contemporary living room space that would look at home in the pages of any glossy design magazine. The important thing is to decide what luxury design means to you, incorporating as many or as few design elements as possible to make your luxurious ideas come to life.

For more inspiration, discover our collection for the best art for your living room.

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