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Everything You Need To Know About Line Art

Everything You Need To Know About Line Art

Find out why this art style is always on trend, and what collectors love about it.

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Photo Credit: Labyrinth Framed Canvas by Abstract House

Line art is booming. There are so many reasons why this is the case, not least because it is a beautiful edition to any room. Yet there are other benefits to including it within your decor. In a time of media chaos and information overload, line art offers a  moment of peace. Stripped of any potentially unnecessary editions and focussing solely on the subject, an audience can feel a sense of calm and simplicity when admiring it. 

The History of Line Art

It may look rather modern, but line art has a long and textured history. Before photographs, the only way of capturing a likeness was to create a piece of artwork. So, pencil drawings and sketches were the easiest way of documenting a person’s appearance without the aid of a camera.

Bacchanal, 1959 by Pablo Picasso, The Metropolitan Museum Of Art

Photo Credit: Bacchanal, 1959 by Pablo Picasso, The Metropolitan Museum Of Art


Some of the world’s most famous artists, including Picasso and Da Vinci, created beautiful line art. The works are often considered as “studies” or precursors to their iconic painted masterpieces they would go on to create.


In the present day, line art has become a popular trend. Fuelled by social media, many are discovering line art as an intimate and inoffensive solution to bare walls.


Why the Line?


For many artists, using one line is a way of creating order and clarity. As the viewer, this concept comes across profoundly. The line makes sense of the complex and chaotic world around us in one simple stroke. 


Yet what is so fascinating about line art is the ability to retain individuality. In theory, all line art pieces are the very same thing - a line or lines that follow a vague trail around the blank canvas. But some argue that this is what has contributed to line art’s increased popularity. The familiarity of the content but the variation in the route, much like day-to-day life. 


The Power of Minimalism 


Unlike line art itself, minimalism is nothing new. It has been a popular trend for years and it is swiftly becoming the standard for art in the home. A key advantage to line art is that it is colourless and simple. This means that, if you have purchased a piece of line art, it will almost certainly “go” with your interiors.


 If you have an already fairly minimalist style to your home, you may want to consider a gallery wall of various line art pieces. You can browse our own collections of these here



“Drawing is like making an expressive gesture with the advantage of permanence.” 

Henri Matisse


Matisse certainly was not wrong. All art has the power to invoke and inspire emotions within its audience. But when it comes to art, it is difficult to find a style more expressive than line art. 


The simplicity of this style forces you to engage with the meaning behind each of the lines. If you are considering investing in a line art piece, consider placing it in the bedroom. As a space where you spend a lot of time unwinding and reflecting, you can take the time to properly appreciate and explore your piece.

line art prints drawing set of 3 framed art by abstract house

Photo Credit: Line Art Trio Framed Art by Abstract House


Coloured Line Art

Whilst it is generally the norm to have simple line art, this style is not always without colour. The introduction of colour can sometimes take away from the minimalist nature of the concept. However, it can also create very powerful and striking pieces of art. 


Colour is used more often within the abstract school of line art. As seen in Wassily Kandinsky’s (above), these pieces often explore shapes and forms. Whilst line art is often used to reflect a study of the human form,  abstract line art is more concerned with what surrounds us as opposed to humans themselves. 


Coloured line art can be a very impactful addition to spaces within the home. Consider adding a piece to the rooms in your house that are often full of life, for instance the kitchen or living room.


Digital Line Art


Unlike its historical sibling, digital line art is a relatively new addition to the art space. The nature of line art lends itself to digital creation and many artists have taken advantage of this to create beautiful pieces. As with any digital art form, the artwork can be edited and refined, forming sharper lines in the art piece. More control can also be exercised as each line drawn can be adapted as the creative process continues.

Some digital artists who work better with the physical pencil and paper use an alternative method. It is less common, but they are able to create their pieces and then scan the paper to then manipulate and refine the lines. 




Wellness is a concept that we have been hearing a lot of recently. As a society, we are growing increasingly aware of the impact of the busy and digitally heavy fibre of our day-to-day lives. The pandemic taught us that our surroundings within the home play an integral part in supporting our wellness. 


This is where line art comes in. There are so many ways in which it offers calmness and relaxation. The basic nature of it reminds us of our childhood and less complicated times. This primitive instinct also takes away the unrelatability of grander artistic works. 


The owner of a line drawing feels closer to it because it is something that they too could realistically create. 


Gallery Walls


We have already touched upon line arts compatibility with gallery walls, but this fact cannot be said enough! Gallery walls are incredible assets in a home’s decor and line art can certainly make its contribution. You may want to create a gallery wall that is composed exclusively of line art pieces.

Alternatively,  line art can also work very well with paintings and pictures of different styles. The beauty of line art is its simplicity, which you should take advantage of at every opportunity. So, if you have some pieces that you would like to hang together but they don’t quite work yet, this may be your answer. A minimalist drawing can pull a gallery wall of contrasting pieces together, offering a striking contrast against the other, colourful pieces. 

Cool Points


With its already well established popularity on Instagram, line art is currently one of the coolest art trends you can get involved in. If there is a room in your house that feels a bit dull or needs a little extra spice, invest in a piece of line art that can take your space from tres dull to tres chic. 


Not only does line art have unparalleled popularity in the mainstream art world at the moment, it also retains its inherently artistic qualities. If you are not interested in making bold artistic statements with the art you choose to decorate your homes, line art offers a perfect compromise. Wherever you choose to place your piece, it will add an artsy vibe with its sense of movement and expressionist style.

Discovering Line Art You Love


As a technique that has been employed by some of the globe’s most revered and talented artists, there is a plethora of choice with different designs of artwork and colour palettes available.

Whichever style you choose, it should be something you can really connect with. This makes line art all the more relatable and intimate.

If you'd like to get inspired, discover our Top 10 Line Art Prints collection.

Let us know your favourites - we'd love to hear from you!

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