Green And Grey Living Room Ideas For A Modern Home

green and grey living room wall ideas modern home

Green living room decor is fast-becoming all the rage.

Find out how adding sustainable green decor to your home could be the perfect finishing touch to elevate your modern living room.

If you're an avid Livingetc or House Beautiful fan, and love scrolling through interior designers feeds, you may have noticed a new living room trend in 2024. Green is back with a vengeance. Now, we aren't talking avocado bathroom suites; we're distinctly choosing a softer palette of sage greens, warmer forest tones, as well as rich forest greens to bring nature indoors this season.

discover green and grey living room wall decor ideas

Want to find out how to add green and grey to your space as a way to compliment your living room interiors without being too bold or extravagant? Our experts are here to help in this free guide to green and grey living room ideas for a modern home.

To Sage Or Not To Sage?

green botanical art print sage wall art prints

The popularity of this beautiful soft sage green colour stems from it's herb roots. Sage is an aromatic herb, part of the mint family (Lamiaceae) which is cultivated for its pungent edible leaves. Native to the Mediterranean region, sage can instantly add a sense of calm to a space, embracing sustainability and nature, and it works perfectly with lighter and dark tones of grey.

Neutral Grey Scheme

Artwork: Still Life Study I Framed Canvas. Photo Credit: Amii Interiors

Choosing a neutral grey scheme can keep your living room looking stylish year-round. Choosing accents in green, such as wall art and soft furnishings, can balance the design and make it feel more cosy and lived-in.


Warm Green Tones

Artwork: Rothko Green Framed Canvas 

One of our popular canvas artworks, Rothko Green Framed Canvas, features a warmer green colour palette which is ideal for adding colour and warmth to a living room.

Nature Art

Photo Credit: The Green Forest Landscape Framed Print by Abstract House

Bringing in botanical leaf prints and art inspired by nature can not only add a refresh to your space, but it will also add a sense of much-needed calm leaving you ready for the day ahead, as well as able to wind-down with added hygge in the evenings.

Framed Botanical Art Prints

At Abstract House, our Vintage Botanical Leaf collection has been favoured by art lovers who love adding the handcrafted framed artwork to their living rooms and open-plan living areas.


Bringing Nature Indoors

Remember that when it comes to adding greenery to your space, air quality is important and so whether you are adding a new series of house plants or topping up on the trend of biophilia in the home, finding balance by taking care of yourself and your wellbeing should always be top of your priority list.

Did you know biophilia design isn't only for offices and commercial spaces. Adding a living wall to your interior or garden could transform your space into an evergreen oasis. Some of our handcrafted picture frames and tray frames can be used to garner biophilia designs. Get in touch if you'd like to find out more.

Abstract Green Shapes

If you're an avid abstract lover and want to add a pop of colour, discover our exclusive abstract shape collection and embrace colourful wall art to transform your home.


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