25 Green Wall Art Print Ideas For Your Living Room

25 Green Wall Art Print Ideas For Your Living Room

Looking to make your interiors evergreen? Bring nature indoors with beautiful green nature-inspired wall art.

If you're in the midst of redecorating, or simply looking for a way to refresh your walls and interior and make it feel more like home, updating your artwork is a fast, simply way to achieve the look.

Why Choose Green Wall Art? 

muted green abstract wall art print framed picture for living room
Photo Credit: Abstract Green Pastel Framed Canvas Art by Abstract House

Green wall art has always been a staple in many interior designer and art lovers homes. With an affinity for nature and landscapes, celebrating the beauty of the world around us can provide balance in your home and mind, while improving your overall wellbeing. We all know that science has, in fact, proven that art improves your mood and makes you feel more positive, so let's extend that hygge concept and bring your home to life with new beautiful handcrafted wall art.

What Types Of Green Will Add Personality?

With green showcasing it's colour as the colour of nature and harmony, bringing together calmness in any interior space, we're here to help you discover the right shade of green for your space.

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Essence Of Nature

Landscape art has been a popular choice for many art lovers for centuries. And, it's no surprise that our Japanese-inspired wall art is a popular choice for bringing colour indoors. Whether it's the Korakuen Garden in Okayama , also called 'garden of pleasure after', or the Kokedera, also known as the Moss Temple and home to 120 different kinds of moss. You can easily discover art you love and refresh your home with statement green artwork.


    1 - Japanese Botanical Stem Art Print

    green wall art prints framed artwork nature inspired pictures for living room


    2 -  Grey Vintage Botanical Leaf Art Print 

    Grey Vintage Botanical Leaf Art Print. Contemporary, stylish, and vibrant watercolor art prints. This exquisite, unique hand-illustrated botanical print caters to nature enthusiasts. This captivating artwork enhances any space and brings a touch of color to your decor.

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    3 - Rothko Green Canvas Print

    This sophisticated abstract artwork has elements of organic shapes in abstract form blending together the body of green landscape. The abstract nature of this wall art piece adds a touch of elegance to any living space.

    4 - Abstract 142 Framed Canvas

    green abstract wall art canvas print framed modern art

    Add Spring decor to your space and brighten up your living area with vibrant hues of forest green and teal. This modern contemporary abstract is reminiscent of painterly styles seen in Monet's masterpieces, complete with the impressionist lily pads. Allowing for an instant interior design boost, you simply can't go wrong with this luxury, handcrafted fine art print. Perfect for a modern design scheme, the vast colour palette can bring together even the most maximalist spaces.

    5 - Dawn Canvas Artwork

    modern green and white abstract expressionist canvas print UK
    Evoking the beautiful hilltops of the Scottish Highlands, this beautiful serene abstract canvas is the epitome of calm. Through the expressionist strokes you can find rolling hills, fields of yellow gold corn and calming white skies pictured before the rain. This is a beautiful piece to add to a living room, above a sofa or sideboard for bringing in a calming green aura.

    6 - Cactus In A Pot Art Print

    Cactus In A Pot Art Print. The print has excellent colour reproduction and fade resistance, producing premium artwork made to last. With a vibrant amazing colour, it provides loads of contrasting colours and especially the green stands out. The high-quality pigment ensures long-lasting vibrancy and color accuracy, making this art print a standout piece for any room.

    7 - The Crossing Framed Canvas

    This beautiful abstract expressionist canvas depicts a wide palette of softer greens blending in blue-green and darker forest greens. The wind on the coast and the pastel grey skies in the distance add a tranquil feel to the piece. If you opt for the oversized 100 x 100 cm size for maximum impact. Bringing nature indoors is simple with this muted palette.

    8 - Abstract Leaves Illustrated Art Print

    Contemporary Abstract Leaves Art Print. Expertly hand-illustrated with precise color reproduction. Printed on FSC certified acid-free paper. Displayed in a high-quality solid wood frame with glass front. Notable use of green tones which push out the orange tones and makes the two colour combinations stand out.

    9 - Serene Green Abstract Canvas Print

    10 - Brushed Marina 2 Art Print

    Brushed Marina 2 Art Print. Exclusive designer print with excellent colour reproduction and fade resistance, producing premium artwork made to last. Beautiful colours shown, a calm soothing picture which can show relaxation and peace. Perfect for homes that like artwork which resembles peace and happiness.

    11 - Brushed Landscape Art Print

    Brushed Landscape Art Print. Exclusive designer print with excellent colour reproduction and fade resistance, producing premium artwork made to last.

    12 - Botanical Vintage Spring Meadow Art Print

    13 - Mint Toucan In Blush Pop Art Print

    14 - Waterfall In The Forest Art Print

     15 - Toucan Impressionist Animal Art Print

    16 - Green Landscapes Gallery Wall Art


    dark green wall art prints landscape art gallery wall art ideas



    17 - Green Watercolour Leaves - Set Of 3 Prints

    18 - Abstract Pastel Multicolour Framed Print

    19 - Green Velvet Framed Canvas

    20 - Botanical Palm Leaves Framed Canvas

    21 - Balancing Act Organic Framed Canvas

    22 - The Tree Of Life Art Print

     23 - Making Up For Lost Time 2 - Original Painting

     24 - Animal Antics - Print Set of 3

     25 - Botanical Haze - Original Painting

    Bestselling Green Art

    If you're looking to find out what's popular now, browse our top selling green art here.

    Green Gallery Wall Art Ideas

    Looking for a complete pre-designed gallery wall or set of three framed prints? Look no further! Browse our hand-picked gallery wall ideas for every green lover.

    Our Top Choices Of Green Gallery Wall Art For A Modern Home

    If you'd like to add a splash of colour to bare walls, or looking for wall art with green tones, inject some gorgeous greenery with these top contemporary framed art picks.

    Abstract Seascape Canvas Art Set Of 2 

    Modern Botanical Abstracts - Set Of 3 Prints 

    Green Textures Canvas Art Set Of 3 

    We hope you enjoyed our guide to the best decor ideas. Let us know which is your favourite by tagging us on FacebookInstagram or Tiktok.

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