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10 Must Have Line Art Prints

10 Must Have Line Art Prints - Abstract House

Discover our top 10 line art prints to buy.

Line art or line drawing was one of the most trending art prints in 2024. Purely for the simplicity and design that draws you in. Whether it is an abstract shape or a figurative drawing art poster, Simple straight line drawing style is one of this year's must haves and recommended by interior designers as it will work in any interior setting and style.

At Abstract House, we always recognise the trends so we have introduced our new collection of prints. But, unlike any other art stores, our artwork is printed on high quality 230 gsm fine art paper which gives the artwork a genuine authentic look. We also offer a complete framing service, with our beautiful solid wood frames, which are all handmade by us here in Britain using quality craftsmanship and real glass, allowing the art prints to pop and adding elegance to finish off the look.

So, take a look at these 10 must have art prints from our new collection which have been selected by our team of curators that we think you will love.

1-  Female Nude Line Art Illustration

The most popular form of line art is figurative. Using simple strokes and gestures to create minimal yet beautiful artwork capturing the essence of the subject.

female nude line art illustration

2 -  Burnt Orange Shapes Art Print

As shown in the image above, mixing simple lines with blocks and soft colours to add depth to the work.

best line art prints for your home

3 - Line Drawing Nude Art Print

bum drawing black and white nude line art print minimal

4 - Black And White Nude Drawing

This monochrome artwork is the true definition of luxury. Using simple and elegant strokes in black and white ink to create the subject. Some see it as an abstract form and some see a woman line drawing figure created from these black lines. After all, art is in the eye of the beholder. What do you see?

Black and white female line drawing

5 - Body Line Drawing Art Print

Nude line art print in oak wooden frame

6 - Modern Line Drawing 2

This type of line drawing is sketch-like type similar to the artwork by Picasso from his famous line drawing collection.

black and white line drawing abstract shape art

7 - Modern Line Drawing Art Print

Powerful gesture, shapely curves and, most importantly, composition is what makes this artwork pop.

modern line drawing picasso framed print

8 - Face Line Drawing

Inspired by the master Pablo Picasso, who completed his line drawings in a single stroke. the figurative elements capture the simplistic beauty of this piece while offsetting a Bohemian vibe keeping it on-trend.

face line art print in black frame

9 - Nude Back Hand-Drawn Art Print

Another piece inspired by Picasso's line drawing series, this hand-drawn line drawing depicts a female body form and creates a striking statement when hung on it's own or part of a gallery wall.

female nude figurative line drawing art print 



 Discover our full collection of simple line drawing prints to get inspired and bring beauty to your walls with art.

We hope you enjoyed our latest selection of posters and have ideas to decorate your room space.

top 10 line art prints to buy now

History Of Line Art

Line art, characterised by the use of simple lines to create images, has a rich history spanning various cultures and art movements. Its origins can be traced back to ancient civilizations where simple line drawings were used for communication and expression.

In more recent history, artists like Albrecht Dürer in the Renaissance era and Pablo Picasso in the 20th century explored the possibilities of line work. The Japanese art form of sumi-e, Chinese calligraphy, and the intricate line drawings of M.C. Escher are also notable influences on the development of line art.

In the modern context, digital tools have given artists new ways to create and share line art. To decorate your living room or bedroom with line art prints, consider selecting pieces that resonate with your personal style. Choose a cohesive theme or color palette to create a unified look. Frame the prints for a polished appearance, and experiment with different arrangements on the walls. Line art can complement various interior styles, from minimalistic to eclectic, adding a touch of sophistication and visual interest to your space.

Don't forget that you can create a beautiful gallery wall mixing some of these recommended prints in both the white and black frame to give it a unique look.

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