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Elevate A Monochrome Home With Abstract Wall Art

Abstract art to complement a monochrome home -Abstract House

Black and white art prints are loved by many leading interior designers. The contrast works so well in most interiors and can really elevate a classic, timeless feel.

If you are looking for new Abstract art to compliment a monochrome home, then you've come to the right place. Our expert curators have put together this free guide on the best monochrome wall art to discover for your home interiors. 

If you’re looking to redesign your home and can’t decide between colours, there’s a big interior trend that could help you. The monochrome look is back and making its way into showrooms and homes across the country. It’s the ideal style to showcase abstract art, creating balance and contrast in any room. 

While fashionable, a monochrome space runs the risk of looking bland. But with a splash of colour or some exquisite art you can break it up perfectly to create a harmonious, on-trend look. These stunning pieces could be just what you need to complete your vision. 

Create A Bold Contrast

Photo Credit: Before Midnight Original Painting by Omar Obaid

If you're searching for a unique painting to create a contrast in a black and white scheme, nothing compares to 'Before Midnight'. Unique impressive brush strokes will add character and depth to any interior, while elevating the monochromatic style. The perfect conversation-starter, build your fine original art collection in style with this one-of-a-kind abstract painting

If you truly want to create a statement, a bold piece of original artwork is the way forward. If you want to find out more about investing in original at, get in touch with our Curators to find out how we can help you source Original Art for your art collection and Fine Art investment pieces by British Artist Omar Obaid, our Founder.

Monochrome Light Lines Art Print Framed-framed-Wall Art Print-Abstract House
Photo Credit: Monochrome Light Lines Fine Art Print by Abstract House

Modern Black & White Lines Canvas Print-Abstract House

Photo Credit: Modern Black And White Lines Canvas Print by Abstract House 

Abstract Study IX Framed Canvas-Abstract House

Photo Credit: Abstract Study IX Framed Canvas by Abstract House

Black And White Drawings

Photo Credit: Picasso Female Face Framed Art Print by Abstract House

This Picasso inspired line drawing will accentuate any monochrome interior. Dawn entirely by hand, it is homage to the modern master and comes framed and ready to hang in a beautiful handcrafted glass frame.

Photo Credit: Dimensional Maze Line Art Print Framed by Abstract House


Subtle Tones


If a bold statement isn’t your style, subtle tones and hues can be the perfect way to add delicate colour to your space. Light blues and purples, like those used in this abstract art piece, are ideal for creating a sophisticated focal point that doesn’t subdue your overall monochrome look. 

Continue The Theme

Retro Curve Art Print - Black Frame - Abstract House
Photo Credit: Retro Curve Art Print by Abstract House

Abstract art doesn’t have to contrast with your monochrome theme to make a statement, it can continue it beautifully too. A black and white design can still be bold and act as an attention grabbing piece of original artwork through using shades, patterns, and shapes. 

Our Retro Curve Art Print effortlessly breathes Mid Century Retro design into your space. Picked by Huffington Post and featuring in their 'Curvy Decor Interior Design Best Buys' shopping feature, the editor quoted this: 

"A simple line art piece with a curved retro essence can really help add shape to a space. Opt for the biggest possible size to create a feature wall with a wavy pop-art vibe".

Photo Credit: Black Abstraction II Framed Art Print by Abstract House

Abstract Study X Framed Canvas-Abstract House

Photo Credit: Abstract Study X Framed Canvas by Abstract House

Calming Neutral Hues

Photo Credit: Still Life Study I Framed Canvas. Photo by @home_of_harris

Want to create a calming, relaxing space? Selecting hues that give off this vibe can reduce the harsh contrast that sometimes occurs in monochrome rooms. This blue toned art print wall art poster is the perfect example of an abstract piece that can bring some balance to a monochrome design.  


Vibrant Colours

Colourful Landscape Print Set Of 3-Abstract House
Photo Credit: Colourful Landscape Framed Print Set Of 3 by Abstract House

Bold, vibrant colour clashes can work spectacularly in a monochrome space, drawing attention to your original artwork. The combination of colours and artistic style in this canvas print can look inspiring and still complementary in rooms that are using only black and white tones.  

Warming Accents

Monochrome homes can sometimes lack some warmth due to the absence of colour. What better way to add some extra depth than with artwork featuring a warmer colour palette?

 Impressionist Fine Art Nude Painting Canvas Print
Photo Credit: Impressionist Fine Art Nude Painting Canvas Print by Abstract House

Choosing a nude canvas print will accentuate your decor with fine art.

This wall art poster won’t only add some warmth and look great, it’ll bring a touch of nature too. 

What Size Artwork Should You Choose?

The beauty of abstract art means that you can choose to go as small or as large as your space allows, you will receive the full beauty of the artwork. If you are decorating a large loft apartment with tall ceilings, you could naturally choose an oversized abstract canvas art to maximise the impact of your space and ceiling height. One of our popular large sizes is 150 x 90 cm which is sure to create a statement. 

If you're looking to create a gallery wall, however, you may want to mix and match sizes with some smaller framed pictures and a few larger artwork to create visual impact.

Black On White Female Line Drawing Art Print - Black Frame - Abstract House
Photo Credit: Black On White Female Line Drawing Print by Abstract House

We hope you enjoyed our selection of curated black and white abstract art prints for a monochrome interior and got inspired with new art styles for your space.

Have a browse through our full collection of black and white art prints and get inspired to find your next favourite artwork.

Free Art Recommendation Service

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