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How to hang contemporary art for maximum impact

How to hang contemporary art for maximum impact-Abstract House

How to hang contemporary art for maximum impact

A piece of stunning contemporary art has the power to transform the appearance, feel, and atmosphere of a room. But how you hang it is just as important and shouldn’t be an undervalued step if you want to achieve maximum impact for your artistic investment. 

In fact, the process of hanging contemporary art can be akin to painting a picture itself – a process of considering and balancing space, proportion, style, and colours. Modern, original art that’s displayed with awareness for how to showcase it to the best of its ability can become a contemporary focal point of a space for all the right reasons. 

From avoiding the common pitfalls of hanging art to trying something different, these tips can help you hang art to achieve the greatest impression:

  • Think about the height. A common mistake is to hang art too high on the wall. Ideally you want the centre of the picture to be at eye level. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule, such as if furniture is below the picture or if you want to draw the eye upwards to another feature. 


  • Make sure you have two hanging points. Hanging your picture from a single point might seem like a quicker option but after investing in a beautiful piece you don’t want to risk it falling. Not only that but it’ll make sure that it doesn’t shift and throw off the whole look over time. 


  • Be aware of how your room slopes. You might be tempted to hang your picture perfectly straight but this can sometimes highlight how your room slopes. Take a careful look at your room to see if your ceilings and other features are level. It might be a better option to hang your art to reflect these rather than opting to get the spirit level out. 


  • Consider the frame. A frame can take your contemporary art to the next level. Some pieces of art and photographs look great unframed but others need a frame to give extra definition, plus it’ll provide protection for your original art. A high-quality frame that matches the style of your art is a must if you choose to frame. 


  • Draw attention to contemporary art. Art is made to be viewed and appreciated so draw attention to it. Creating a minimal look around the hanging, using accent lighting, and designing a contrast with the rest of the room, are great ways to achieve maximum impact for your purchase. 


  • Remember that rules are made to be broken. While you’ll find plenty of rules, sometimes breaking them can be the best option. After all, contemporary art often aims to be different, why shouldn’t it be displayed in a new way? You might be surprised at what works in your space. 

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