How To Bring Nature Indoors With Our 4 Design Tips

How To Bring Nature Indoors With Our 4 Design Tips - Abstract House

Nature has a healing power. Fresh air is good for you, not only the obvious oxygen consumption your body gets when outside, but the scent that comes from flowers and trees is just glorious. Being out in the forest, or a park, can make any day feel a bit brighter and definitely adds to your positive mental attitude.

So why not bring the outside in, and enjoy that feeling all the time? With interior design that's 100% possible. You can incorporate nature into a room through many different forms of art and decor. 

We have some tips to help you make your home feel fresh, green and natural; just what the doctor ordered to gain points in mindfulness and self-care.

Neutral colours

Have neutral colours as a base and accessorise with dark accent colours.

Make a room feel bright and airy by using colours such as sand, cream biscuit and other pale colours. Adding accessories such as pillows, lamp shades, furniture and artwork in darker tones keeps the room fresh, bright and airy - just like the outdoors. 

modern interior design inspired by sustainability

Image: Pierre Yovanovitch Interior Design

Prints & Paintings

Improve any wall with nature art prints and paintings. You don't need to completely redecorate a room to create a fresh outdoor look. A painting or series of prints can do that for you.

landscape nature art print on canvas

Artwork: Sunrise Forest Landscape Painting Canvas


Or something more abstract and one of a kind like this Concrete Jungle original painting.

You can browse our full collection of landscape and nature art here.

Wood Furniture & Ornaments

Wood furniture is a great way to bring the real textures from outdoors into your living space. Solid oak side tables and dressers are amongst pieces that create a much more classic and vintage decor style. Whereas, driftwood coffee tables and bookshelves still give the natural impact but with a more modern twist. 

No room for extra furniture? Smaller decorations work just as well! A wood ornament, candle holder or coaster make a big difference despite its small size.  Just like these lovely wooden coaster from John Lewis.

Image: John Lewis

Surround Yourself With Plants  

Flowers and potted plants are an important addition to a home. What's more, with biophilic design raging in popularity, by incorporating the concept into your own home, you can now easily be at one with nature without stepping foot outdoors.

If you're a keen gardener and plant lover then you can turn your home into an indoor oasis. Some plants have air purifying qualities to them, so they clean the air in your home so you can breath better oxygen. Check out a Devils Ivy, Pothos or even a Peace Lilly Plant. 

Image: Patch

However, you don't have to be a plant lover. Just one or two low maintenance plants can inject nature into your space very well. Another plus to plants is the stunning pots available from that will compliment your existing decor. 

Not a plant person at all, or struggle to keep them alive? You could use art prints as an alternative. No watering required.

If you're looking for sustainable art and picture frames that are good for the environment, Abstract House has many botanical prints available to help you bring the outdoors in.

We hope you enjoyed our guide to achieving a nature-inspired interior space. If you're a fan of nature and enjoy using this theme in your decor, send us your interior shots for a chance to be featured - we'd love to hear from you. 

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