Art For Your Kitchen 2021

Art For Your Kitchen 2021

The kitchen is the heart of a home. Whether you’re a star chef or more of a microwave meal maker, the kitchen is a vital space for everyone.

Welcoming a hive of activity, it’s a vibrant, bustling room that really sees it all: from dinner parties to family meals, late night snacks, and the morning rush to get breakfast ready and lunch packed for work or school. Your kitchen deserves enough TLC to match the comfort it brings you.

art deco kitchen monochrome wall art

Artwork: Monochrome Mid Century Art Print

Being a largely functional space, the kitchen is sometimes neglected on the aesthetic front, especially when it comes to wall decor. You might usually think of art being best suited to living spaces such as the dining room, bedroom or lounge. We’re trying to change that.

It’s about time gazing at artwork across the breakfast bar while knocking back your morning coffee became the new normal. Your new kitchen wall art will leave you feeling as positive and energised as possible throughout the day.

blue white green abstract landscape art nature illustration drawing kitchen artwork

Artwork: Nature Illustration Art Print

Our framed fine art prints are particularly well suited to the hustle and bustle of the kitchen. With a solid wood frame, scratch-resistant real glass front glazing, and paper and print quality made to last over 100 years, they’re as durable as they are gorgeous.

For areas further away from sink splashes and food preparation, such as walls behind breakfast bars and dining nooks, our canvas art could be the perfect choice. Canvas gives your artwork a more authentic feel, with print quality to match. For a more expensive finish, you can opt for an additional floating solid wood frame. 

Art Deco Kitchen

art deco kitchen interior design style chandelier wall decor  

Image: Chandelier of Paris Art Print

At the top of kitchen interior must-haves right now is art deco styling. It was inspired by hollywood glamour, cubist painters like Picasso, and the art nouveau movement when it rose to prominence in the 1920s. 

Rejecting pastels and delicacy, this home decor trend favours geometric shapes, shining precious metals, and a black and white palette punctuated by rich colour (mustard yellow, raspberry, teal, jade, emerald green, and navy). The bigger and bolder, the better. Think opulent chandeliers, mirrored accents, and angular lines.

black and white Paris photography art print Moulin Rouge for art deco kitchen

Image: Moulin Rouge Paris Art Print


Whether you’re paying homage to art deco with a floor to ceiling makeover, or you just want to feature a couple of choice pieces that hint at the decadent style, we have the perfect art prints to compliment your kitchen. Our collection of black and white photography in particular will make a statement as your wall decor, whilst blending in enough to not draw too much attention away from your coloured accents.

Your kitchen island’s scalloped bar stools will look perfect against the backdrop of the Moulin Rouge (above), or the view of a Parisian balcony. Even an ornamental golden or copper drinks trolly will look beautiful with a leaning art print. Our Geometric Curves Architecture or Glossy Car art prints would be ideal for this.

A Feature Wall 

navy line art abstract artwork modern kitchen wall art

Image: @home_at_door4 on Instagram. Features Navy Blues Lines Art Print.

An accent wall is great for experimenting with colour, shape, texture, and art. It’s an easy and fun way to bring life, joy, and character to lacklustre interiors.

We love how our customer Laura matched her lick of navy paint with some of our line art. Move over food envy, it’s home decor ideas that really turn us into the green-eyed monster. 


navy and pink blush abstract art prints geometric set of two prints for modern kitchen interiors

Artwork: Navy and Pink Design - Print Set of 2

A kitchen gallery wall or set of two or three prints is the perfect option for making an impact in your home. It remains one of the top requests made of interior designers.

Alternatively, a single large piece of kitchen art or can have a similar effect. It won’t totally dominate attention in your space, blending in with your kitchen decor while still catching the eye.

Abstract Art

statement abstract art for modern marbled kitchen interiors

Artwork: Abstract 174 Canvas Print and Abstract 175 Canvas Print

Abstract is one of the most popular contemporary art trends. Its unrivalled mysterious beauty makes it a versatile choice for a range of spaces and personal tastes. Your kitchen is no exception.

Often characterised by a carnival of complementary colours, textured strokes, and a playful spirit, abstract artwork is our speciality. Our founder is an independent artist with years of experience in this style, so you’re in safe hands.

Our original paintings make the perfect statement piece for your kitchen. A beautiful backdrop to a kitchen island, breakfast bar or small dining area is quick and easy to create using affordable art. 

Leaning Prints

parrot animal art for kitchen wall decor

Artwork: Parrot Illustrated Art Print

Including leaning rather than hanging art prints in your kitchen is a great way to maximise on space and fill gaps on your worktops or shelving. It’s particularly useful if you don’t want to make nail holes in a freshly painted wall or need to preserve vinyl wall stickers. If you're struggling to decorate predominantly tiled walls then this is the tip for you too.

Introducing kitchen art prints can add a pop of colour to an otherwise uniform space or make a totally unexpected statement. Be unpredictable in your home interiors, giving a creative edge to their character.

kitchen shelfie black and white art for shelves geometric abstract prints

Image: @Renov8teen on Instagram. Features Organic Monochrome Art Print.

The “shelfie” trend - a word combining “shelf” and “selfie” that describes people showcasing their carefully decorated shelves and picture ledges on social media - continues its momentum. In the kitchen, you can transform practical spaces into areas of beauty using art.

Interspersing prints between carefully arranged crockery, utensils, and kitchen accessories helps create the modern, stylish kitchen you’re dreaming of. Make your kitchen shelves your own with artwork and other sentimental ornaments - an eclectic mix of practical and beautiful.

Consuming Art 

pineapple food art for your kitchen

Artwork: Pineapple On The Shore Art Print

Food shouldn’t be the only consumable part of the kitchen. Your kitchen artwork should be enjoyed just as wholly as what you make in there.

Take it one step further and choose art where food is the subject. The print above will give your kitchen a fruity, whimsical twist.


Our guide to choosing kitchen art will help you create a space that is both practical and stylish. 

Lead artwork: Modern Abstract Illustration Art Print

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