Wall Art For Your Home Office

Wall Art For Your Home Office

If you're looking to create a new home office space or reinvent an existing office study at home, adding life to your space with art is a simple and cost effective solution.

With our daily lives now busier than ever, investing in a work-from-home space can actually increase your motivation and improve your work-life balance. Discover inspiration in our curators' handpicked wall art for home office to help you unveil your new favourite pieces.

Why Invest In A Home Office Space?

With the rollout of remote working well underway post pandemic, and many of us now working from home at least a few days, if your company have adopted a flexible working model and considering flexible, remote working for the foreseeable future as a result, knowing how to decorate your home office space is essential. Surprisingly, home study rooms and office spaces - places meant to motivate us - still remain amongst the most neglected areas of our interiors.

In the UK we spend, on average, nearly one fifth of our entire week working. Passing all this time staring at the same four walls can be difficult, especially if they’re blank and lifeless. This is a problem for newly full time remote workers.


wall art for the office ideas 2024

Artwork: Jungle Botanical Framed Canvasbest modern large wall art for home office design UK

Discover a realm of colour with our jungle-themed maximalist abstract canvas range.

white black blue abstract art brushed home decor for office

Image: Abstract Textures Art Print

What Are The Benefits Of Creating A Unique Home Office?

Feeling happy, relaxed and stimulated by your interior design is key to mastering this new work from home era. For those of us who can find working in their home study uninspiring, this is particularly important.

Wall decor is a cost effective way of creating a beautiful working environment - and affordable art is at the heart of what we do. Decorating with wall art also saves on space, which is essential for the small home offices or alcoves of other rooms we often use for working.

mustard peach blush navy shapes abstract art for a modern workspace home decorImage: Fresh Shapes Art Print

Art promotes feelings of joy and wellness, which reduces stress, stimulates creativity and improves productivity. With a significant boost to your confidence and a calming effect, our artwork will wile away the frustration and anxieties of the working day (and the kids or pets interrupting every two seconds).

Cognitive exhaustion is also common in desk jobs, thanks to prolonged periods of highly focused work. Viewing art restores mental energy and reduces exhaustion-caused stress, which in turn boosts brain function. This increased efficiency leads to feelings of tranquility and patience.

graffiti art silence limited edition art print black and white photography for your study workspace home office decor

Image: Silence Limited Edition Print

Innovation and adaptability are at the forefront of many organisations’ plans moving forward. Paying just a little attention to your room decor could be the extra push you need to perform at your very best at work, whilst also keeping an eye on your wellbeing.

With that in mind, we’ve created a handy guide to the best art prints, canvas art, and original art on offer. We’ll help you inject much-needed style, character and ambience into your study. Using artwork as the finishing touch to a carefully curated work space is just a few clicks away.

What Type Of Home Office Wall Art Should You Choose?

The beauty of designing your own work from home space means that you can choose your favourite style and decorative pieces to help you create a stylish, modern, creative space to help increase your daily productivity.

We have devised a list of our popular interior design styles, recommended by leading designers to help you design a home office you love that is within budget.


pears still life painting canvas art neutral minimal home office decorImage: Pears Still Life Painting Canvas Print 

Set aside household distractions and unnecessary clutter with minimalist or Scandinavian interior design. If there is one space in your home particularly suited to keeping it clean and simple, it’s your home office. Minimalist interiors place a focus on functionality without sacrificing beauty.

They favour bright whites with other achromatic shades, light natural wood, and muted accent colours like blush pink, sage green and light blue-greys. Many art prints suit a neutral palette and can often provide a pop of colour that compliments and offsets the minimal aesthetic

Colour and Mood

Choosing a colour palette for your home office is vital to the mood it inspires and its effect on you. Depending on whether you want to be roused, energised, or calmed by your room, you may choose different colours to suit. 

If you’re feeling bold, reds in particular raise the energy level of a room. This makes them perfect for a creative and stimulating environment.

If bright and crimson reds are too much for you, more gentle terracotta shades or red-browns have a similar effect without being quite as brash. They pair well with boho, relaxed styling too. 

Pinks give the energising effects of red a playful twist. If neither a bright red look nor boho chic appeal to you, then this is the red tint for you.

If you have a particularly strenuous job, or you’re someone who needs a calming influence at work, then greens or blues should dominate the colour scheme of your study. Blues are confident and calming, whilst green combines these qualities with the warmth and positivity of yellow. 

romance in Paris skyline at sunset impressionist art for your home office blues purples terracottaImage: Romance In Paris Art Print 

For a unique look, purple is the perfect choice for a dominating or accent colour. It’s charming and luxurious, giving your workspace a regal edge.

We adore the above combination of blue-purple shades with terracotta. Just like a night sky still tinged with the remnants of the sunset, this art print matches creative purple with spirited red.

A Statement Wall

waves ocean water green orange white blue abstract art for modern workspace home office wall decorImage: Abstract 178 Art Print

A small room is the perfect opportunity for making one piece of art the focal point. This is great for showing off artwork of greater sentimental value: an art print of an important destination - perhaps a honeymoon, anniversary, or family holiday -  or even an original painting, for example.

Buying artwork is a great opportunity to surround yourself with reminders of crucial memories, key moments, and important motifs from throughout your life, without leaving your office chair. Let your wall decor provide you with comfort and happiness throughout your working day.

Another way to create a feature wall is with a gallery display. The gallery wall is a timeless, traditional way of presenting art and dates back to 17th century France.

Today, an eclectic mix of art styles, frames and colours can make up a contemporary gallery wall in your home office. If you can't decide on just one print, find some that could merge together in a kaleidoscope of colour and art styles.

Landscape Art 


One of the most popular art styles for a workspace is landscape art. With second to none escapist beauty, bringing the natural world into your office is a great way to relax and inspire.

The better you feel in your study space, the better your work will be. Landscape art of lakes, mountains, coastlines, forests and more are perfect for striking wall decor.

Japanese botanical art print black and white green leaves decorating your home office with artwork study workspace wall decor for calm home office

Image: Japanese Botanical Art Print

Botanical prints are another opportunity to bring serenity to your workspace. With their focus solely on an individual plant or a cluster of them, you can experience nature in even finer detail.

Green spaces are essential to our wellbeing. But creating a blossoming, luscious home can be hard for those of us not gifted at plant parenting. Choosing botanical art for your home office is the perfect way to get in on the action without needing green fingers.

Reflect Your Career


Just like a business office would reflect their brand values in their office art, you can do the same with yours. Whether you’re an architect, a writer, or running a business from your home office, we have a unique piece of wall art that perfectly captures what’s unique about your career.

As an illustrator you may be motivated by line art and other contemporary prints. Whatever your occupation, be inspired by your home office art.

free wall art advisory - london art consultants

 If you're still undecided and not sure which artwork would be perfect for your space, why not book in a Free Art Consultation with our expert curators. Our guide to choosing art for your home office, study or workspace nook will help you create an environment that works perfectly for you. It's sure to get your productive and creative cogs turning when you most need it.

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