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Art For Your Bathroom 2021 - Abstract House

Whether you’re in need of an invigorating shower, or a long soak in the tub with a cuppa within reach and a book in hand, your bathroom should be a place of complete relaxation. No other functional space in your home gives you such a boost. 

Taking some ‘me’ time in your bathroom is blissful solitude, giving you a break from work, hectic family life, and other daily responsibilities. Create an undisturbed, modern sanctuary in which to unwind.


original abstract painting blue waves bathroom interior design

Artwork: All Ends Well - Original Painting

A bubble bath will wash away the stresses of the day or soothe a sore body. Trying a new face mask, moisturiser or hair oil can make you feel glamorous and confident. A brisk shower prepares you for the day ahead just as much as your morning coffee. 

By paying as much attention to your bathroom interiors as you do other rooms, you multiply this effect. When you surround yourself with beautiful bathroom art, you can experience a change in mood or be transported to a new place.


The impact of art on our wellbeing is immense - and you can still experience its benefits to your mental health from the comfort of home. We’re going to help you put the finishing touches to a bathroom you love, so you can take good care of both mind and body.

Our affordable artwork is convenient, high quality, and trending. Stylish, modern bathroom decor is well within reach when you follow our handy guide to choosing art.

Head To The Home Spa 

If you want to recreate that ultimate spa feel at home, you’ll need to get yourself acquainted with the right colours. You’re probably thinking warm neutrals, greys, blues and teal. But for something a little outside the box, try purple.

Purples are incredibly luxurious, evoking a regal influence and mythical spirit. Choose muted tints and lavender greys for a calming, minimal take on this creative colour. Line art also gives the purple print above a modern twist. 

blush wall art for your bathroom pampas monkey ladder vase figurine neutral beige cream

Along a similar vein, pinks can give your bathroom a playful energy whilst keeping the space light and airy. They’re the perfect match for natural stone, off-white, creams and warm greys, meaning they suit a lot of different bathroom interiors.

You will feel all the invigorating qualities of passionate red, but with a more understated look suitable for a spa atmosphere. This is especially true when paired with delicate pampas, vases, lanterns, and figurines.

Botanic Beauty


biophilia botanical illustration hanging trailing plan tropical leaves blue red yellow green bathroom wall art

Image: @projectsfromwaltonroad on Instagram. Features Botanical Abstract Leaf Art Print.

Botanical art is one of the easiest ways to bring some greenery into your home. Creating a rich, luscious, and sensory bathroom space is a breeze. Whether you choose classic spring florals or vibrant and summery tropical prints, botanical wall art will give your bathroom the feel of a spa haven.

Biophilia - using nature as a focal point in interior design - will remain on trend for the foreseeable. Alongside displaying art, including plants and flowers is the best way to style a home that has a positive impact on your wellbeing.


Combining art and botanicals reduces stress, calms the mind, and increases creativity. Here in the UK we might be lacking a balmy equatorial climate, but in no time at all it will feel like you’re relaxing in your very own idyllic utopia. 

Pair serene greens with pinks, yellows, blues and more. Your new biophilic bathroom wall decor is sure to transform your bathroom into an eden. 

Abstract Art

blush pink walls white tiles geometric shelves abstract shapes art print minimal bathroom art peach accent

Image: @home_at_door4 on Instagram. Features Bean and Shapes Art Print.

Your bathroom is the perfect place to play with shape and texture, whether that be shelving, fittings, accessories or other decoration. Geometric patterns and abstract shapes in artwork compliment this perfectly, giving your bathroom a balanced yet lively look.

Mixed and matched blush pinks and monochrome, punctuated by pops of peach, make for an exciting modern palette. Minimal bathroom wall art is particularly effective in this instance.

blue bathroom wall decor waves ocean abstract art serene

Artwork: Turquoise Waters - Print Set of 3

A set of three bathroom prints is ideal for making a statement - and calming blue waves would be the top choice here. The ebb and flow of ocean inspired abstract prints will mesmerise and relieve tension.

Famous for their focus on colour, texture and mood, abstract artwork is incredibly popular. It makes up our most expansive collection of art prints and canvas art, as well as our original paintings.

Black and White

black and white bathroom square mirror shelf with mustard accents and monochrome line art of nude figure

Image: @opies_pad on Instagram. Features Woman’s Back Mono Illustration Line Art Print. Mirror, lighting and hand towel holder from made.com.

If you’re truly in minimalist mode when it comes to your bathroom interior design, then look no further than our versatile monochrome prints. They’ll blend seamlessly with pristine white tiles or even coloured walls, for a barely styled yet eye catching look.

Introduce splashes of colour into your bathroom using accessories like candles, bath mats, vases, and more. Black and white compliments any colour palette or accent, which is just part of its appeal (the other huge factor being that it oozes easy sophistication).

minimal black and white interior design monochrome abstract bathroom wall art green accent

Image: @yorkshire_kendal on Instagram. Features Black Line Art Abstract Art Print.

If you’re feeling particularly bold or want a more masculine look for your bathroom, opt for a black wall or floor tile colour. Taking a more gothic direction with a moody palette is on trend for 2021. 

If gothic or minimal isn’t for you, then you can introduce retro bathroom prints or black and white into your space for a twist on the monochrome colour scheme. Black and white art also makes a great pairing for an art deco bathroom mirror or other statement pieces. 

Metallic Glamour

Just as your fittings can provide you with a metallic accent colour, your bathroom artwork can too. Swap stainless steel and silvery chrome colours for gold, copper and brass to retain an expensive finish but inject more warmth and colour.

Gold is the ultimate precious metal and including it in your bathroom morphs a functional space into one of indulgence. Introducing bathroom wall prints that boast a touch of fine gold detailing, or even feature it as a dominating colour, will add elegance to your interiors.

Marble’s veins mean each tile is totally different to any other in existence and unique to your bathroom. It’s smooth and lavish, giving your space a truly magnificent feel.

Discover trending bathroom art prints for an array of spaces when you shop with us. Turn your dated bathroom into an elegant hideaway.

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