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As we stride into 2024, the new decade that brings progression in many areas affecting the workplace, such as the ever-changing landscape of work patterns and even the location of work for employees. Let's take a moment to discover how choosing the right art for your office can promote a healthier, happier employee.

Why Buy Art For The Office?

The rise in mindfulness and its positive impact on employees marries the ideology of office aesthetics setting the right mood and tones for a company. So, not only can art increase the beauty of your workplace, but employees will become more engaged and happier as a result.

It can also impact visitors to your business, promoting success during meetings and creating a cohesive view to your corporate culture in the office.

Transform your workspace, wherever you work

We have seen demands for working from home increase and many companies are more susceptible to the change in the flexible pattern which is a major stepping stone in encouraging a healthy work-life balance.

This change means that your office might be your corporate headquarters, your spare bedroom at home, or perhaps a combination of the two. Adding art to your walls can make you happier and more efficient. So, wherever you work, consider the impact artwork can have as you design your office space.

How to choose the right artwork for the office

So, what type of artwork can you have in your office? From expansive original paintings, to canvas prints and framed print sets, the choice is vast. Art style and subject are key to setting the tone. For example, a modern interior design firm might choose to display abstract paintings or abstract art prints, an architecture and built firm is likely to choose architecture fine art prints. It's important to build a mood board with your objectives, preferred colour palettes and styles and space so you can narrow down.

Proof that art creates a positive impact

A study by the University of Westminster saw participants who were sent to visit an art gallery during lunchtime leave with lower stress levels and reduced cortisol, a hormone which promotes stress. Every applicant spent up to 35 minutes inside observing and discovering the artworks on display. The study was a real life example of how art can create a positive impact on employees. So, why not bring the gallery into the office?

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