Get The Look: Scandinavian Interiors With Contemporary British Art

Get The Look: Scandinavian Interiors With Contemporary British Art

Love Danish interiors? Discover how to elevate your interiors and get the look with contemporary British art.

Dezeen covered an interior scheme designed by coveted Danish interior architects Space Copenhagen. We spotted their recent project for 64 University Space and loved how the art selection defined the interior space.

Space Copenhagen interior design architecture of 64 University Place

Photo Credit: Space Copenhagen

large original abstract painting by omar obaid

Photo Credit: Original Painting by Omar Obaid titled 'War'

Turn your home into a gallery with beautiful large abstract paintings. British artist Omar Obaid painted this original painting in 2015 which was sold to a collector in America. 

rothko style modern art paintings for scandinavian interior

Photo Credit: Space Copenhagen

rothko style painting green pink and teal

Photo Credit: Pistachio Palette Framed Canvas by Abstract House

For stand-out personality and adding warmth to a home, choose a Rothko inspired modern canvas to bring colour and light into a space.

 mark rothko square abstract art painted modern framed prints

Photo Credit: Beige On Blue Rothko Framed Art by Abstract House

Compliment Danish interiors with a Mark Rothko inspired contemporary artwork. Designed and made in England, Abstract House offers a plethora of choice from modern large canvas. 

danish interiors nordic nest high end contemporary furniture

Photo Credit: Space Copenhagen

 neutral lines framed canvas art

Photo Credit: Neutral Lines Framed Canvas by Abstract House

Choosing minimal abstract art can add a timeless design appeal to your interiors. Classic Scandinavian style combines with modern abstract art to elevate your space into a place of your dreams.

neutral wall art abstract lines brown neutral decor 

Photo Credit: Modern Abstract Lines Canvas Art by Abstract House

Tasteful line art in a modern, Scandinavian palette of neutral browns and beige will create dramatic appeal.

large neutral wall art abstract painting on canvas

Photo Credit: Neutral Abstract Sands Canvas by Abstract House

A beautiful beige neutral canvas, available in large sizes for maximum impact. Reminiscent of soft, lapping waves on a Cornish coastline, this serene abstract wall art is certain to add a sense of calm to your space.

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Discover beautiful British art, designed and made in England. At Abstract House, our collection of art is unrivalled. Premium gallery quality wall art and frames produced using traditional craftsmanship for the perfect finish.

Visit our Greater London showroom or browse our full collection online and discover your next masterpiece.

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