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Our Favourite Front Door Colours In 2021

Our Favourite Front Door Colours In 2021 - Abstract House

With the home improvement industry worth more than £14 billion annually, it’s no wonder people want the front of their house to look as strikingly beautiful as their interiors. From lawns to lighting, accessories to brickwork, it’s important not to forget the impact a painted front door can add to a property.

Here are our top picks for the best 10 front door colours for 2021.

1) Teal Green

Teal front door green turquoise bright door
Photo by @wherelizgoes

Bursting between aquamarine and turquoise, this vibrant teal green can dramatically transform a tired entrance door, making waves for your decor even when it’s drab and rainy outdoors.

2) Modern Yellow

Photo by @scousebirdshouse 

A sunshine yellow, representing one of Pantone’s chosen Colours Of The Year 2021, ‘Illuminating’, this creative choice will surely set a smile on your face whenever you return home. We love how pairing it with a couple of lemon trees sets the scene of a Sicilian harvest in Spring for a true Instagram-worthy shot.

 3) Soft Grey 

Painted Grey front doors

Photo by @oldquarter_renovation

Grey is a timeless classic that never dulls. Modern in tone, the simplicity of this shade opens up opportunities to blend with softer colours such as white and pale pink, completing the English Garden look on your doorstep.

4) Sky Blue

Light blue sky front door to house
Photo by @freddieandtilly

With so many choices of blue paint available, from navy’s to royal blue, if you are looking for something different, sky blue can be the answer. When we look at this door, we can’t help but feel the cooling waves of a Cornish coast at our feet, and the bright skies at dawn with birds flocking to pastures new.

5) Charcoal

charcoal front door colour 2021

Photo by @tealloveandlolly

For some who prefer to ‘go bold or go home’, charcoal is certainly a choice to add impact. A strong option for both modern and traditional exteriors, charcoal grey can add a new dimension to your home.

Our choice of paint for charcoal lovers? Rust-Oleum Chalky Garden Paint in Natural Charcoal. Available from Rawlins Paint. RRP £19.

Rustoleum charcoal door colour rawlins paint


We hope you enjoyed reading about our favourite front door colours for 2021.

Have you been inspired to change the colour of your door? Let us know, we'd love to hear from you!

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