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Monochrome or black and white art prints have been a staple in interior design since the 1960's when pop art-style interiors increased in fame. They are a classic choice and have been used throughout history in design schemes to add timeless elegance to home decor and home office spaces around the world. 

 monochrome decor for home or office
Artwork: Black & White Curves Gallery Wall

If you are on the lookout for framed prints to create a gallery wall for your living room, or want a statement black and white painting, with a plethora of choice on offer, we're here to help you narrow down the options to create the ultimate decor in this simple yet stunning style.

So, how do you add this effortless style of monochrome art into your interior decor? We show you how in our simple guide to our favourite black and white wall art prints.

Black And White Abstract Art

There's something majestic about large, expansive abstract art. If you're a fan of Black Square, the original painting by Kazimir Malevic, you'll have seen how art can evoke emotions and add depth to an interior. This particular choice in a canvas print, and is much more accessible than an original painting.

Printed on cotton canvas, this muted black and white abstract would create impact on any wall.

Abstract 441 Canvas Art Print

black and white abstract art

Black And White Abstract Canvas Print

monochrome art prints

Abstract monochrome decor at it's finest. If black and white prints will add the finishing touch to your home or office space, you can't go wrong with this designer canvas art.

Abstract Monochrome Designs

Abstract painted shapes in ultra-modern black and white palettes can compliment so many different interior spaces and can be tailored to the look and aesthetic you are trying to achieve. So, whether you want to add a sense of balance or, for the opposite look, create a dramatic edge to your space, monochrome artwork can do just that.

This superb pair of hand-illustrated monochrome prints look stunning on display.

Abstract Circles 2 Art Print 

Monochrome Shape Art Print

 monochrome art prints uk

Monochrome Abstract Circle Shapes Art Print

circle shapes art print

Fine Art Photography

One of our favourite monochrome styles is black and white photography. For an instant gallery wall layout, choose our Cityscapes In Monochrome Gallery Wall.

If you want to bring in some botanical inspiration, photography has big appeal and can add a new dimension to your home.

Black & White Branch Art Print

Black And White Branch Art Print Photography

Geometric shapes add sophistication to an interior. Many leading interior designers choose architectural photography, in particular those with symmetry, to add an atmospheric aura to their final designs.

Geometric Architecture Art Print

architecture art prints in black and white

With this modern fine art print, you can visualise the scale of the building, it's clad-design which takes you to new heights. It would be perfectly fitting in a living room, dining room or dressing room.

Abstract Facade Art Print

modern architectural photography

Painterly Strokes

Finishing off a modern, luxurious space with a series of watercolour prints with high-quality frames can add an expensive finish to your decor.

This deep grey palette conveys a modern industrial finish, perfect for loft apartments and ultra-modern finishes.

 Dark Strokes Abstract Art Print

abstract paint strokes wall art

Spontaneous Paint Splatter

To achieve the modern master Jackson Pollock effect in your space, look at how impactful a monochrome splatter art print can be. With an appearance of texture from the paint splatter effect, this modern monochrome framed artwork would blend well in a variety of space designs.

Minimal Monochrome Paint Splatter

black and white abstract art pollock

We hope you enjoyed our choice of black and white art prints and now have inspiration on which artworks you love and would enjoy in your space.

Please feel free to tag us @myabstracthouse on Facebook or Instagram. We'd love to see your finished designs!

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