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Our Top Gallery Wall Art Picks To Buy Now

Our Top Gallery Wall Art Picks To Buy Now

Discover The Best Gallery Walls

If you're looking for a new gallery wall or framed art set, we've got you covered. Abstract House is the UK's most loved online art gallery. With all designs created in-house, many of which come from original paintings, we're your number one destination to buy gallery wall art, and you can be sure you'll find art as unique as you are.

Handcrafted with love in London using premium, sustainable materials and cutting edge technology, you'll find art that's perfectly framed and built to last.

Stay tuned for our favourite gallery walls to buy now. If you aren't sure where to start, there are some stunning wall art choices for every room size and style.

What Are Gallery Walls?

A gallery wall, also known as a salon wall, is as a collection of framed items, such as framed pictures, photographs, personal items or memorabilia hung in a group. Traditionally, you may have seen minimal gallery walls with four or five frames, but low-and-behold, gallery walls have expanded. It's not uncommon now to discover floor-to-ceiling gallery walls featuring upwards of 20 framed pictures. 

Why Choose Gallery Walls?

Gallery walls are always trending, and it's no surprise. Famed for their eclectic style where you can blend different frame colours and art styles easily, and also combine your personal possessions if you wish; gallery wall art is a trend that fortunately isn't going away soon.

What Are The Best Gallery Walls To Buy Now?

Discover our favourite picks recommended by our expert curators, and find the perfect gallery wall art for your house or office.

1. Blue Landscape Gallery Wall


blue landscape abstract framed gallery wall set uk

Unique with a contrasting blue colour palette, this gallery wall set is the perfect choice for modern, stylish interiors. If you're a fan of seascapes, this gallery wall includes six framed prints and breathes the fresh sea breeze into your home.

Ready to hang with free delivery. Shop Now


Love neutral tones? This gallery wall is designed for you. Featuring abstract shapes and mark-making, line drawings and abstract designs, this gallery wall will transform your space into a grown-up oasis.

Ready to hang with free delivery. Shop Now

Professional photo printing and framing UK



Surf's up, we're all dreaming of Miami Beach. Live your dreams with this beautiful coastal gallery wall with abstract painterly blues inspired by water for a truly unique wall art selection.

Ready to hang with free delivery. Shop Now


If you've got a large wall space, why not fill it with striking art? This oversized gallery wall oozes elegance and will create a show-stopping space you'll love to entertain in. After all, art is our favourite conversation.

Ready to hang with free delivery. Shop Now

5. All The Lines Gallery Wall Art

Ready to hang with free delivery. Shop Now

We hope you enjoyed reading our top gallery wall ideas. Don't forget to browse our full collection of gallery walls here.

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