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modern abstract wall art print sets of 3 three piece wall art

You may be seeing a lot of set of three art prints trending on Pinterest and Instagram, as well as modern contemporary high-end trios of original paintings in celebrity homes on Architectural Digest, and are left wondering how you can achieve a similar aesthetic in your home.

Good news! Our expert curators have put together this guide all about trio or triptych wall art so you can browse the different art styles and options, and find your very own new masterpiece.

So, let's get down to business.

What Is A Triptych?

A triptych is simply a series of three wall art displayed or hung together on a wall. By choosing complimentary artwork, you can create a bold statement with sets of three artwork.

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Artwork: Textured Blue Abstract Art Print Set

Where Can You Hang Triptych Art?

Traditionally art lovers choose to hang a set of three framed artwork above a sofa in a living room, but you can get creative and add interest to your walls with a set of three wall art in any space.

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Here are just some ideas of the spaces you can choose to hang the art for maximum impact:

  • Master bedroom
  • Living Room
  • Entrance Hallway
  • Kitchen
  • Stairwell or Landing
  • Bathroom
  • Guest bedroom
  • Home Office
  • Library or Study
  • Garden Room or Conservatory

Are There Different Styles Of Triptych Wall Art?

Yes, in fact, there is a vast choice of triptych wall art available. Find out how to narrow down your perfect artwork in our free Art Buying Guide.

A recent report conducted by Samsung in conjunction with their release of The Frame television which disguises itself as artwork when hung on your wall in standby, revealed the UK's favourite collectible artwork. 

Artwork: Abstract Dunes Framed Print Set

Square Triptych Canvas Art

Choosing a square shape will create a more modern, stylish appearance in your space.

still life triptych wall art canvas print

Artwork: Still Life Study Framed Canvas Set

Limited Edition Framed Art

Choosing a unique limited edition artwork is a great way to start investing in original art and building your art collection.

Limited Edition Fine Art Prints Framed Abstract Wall Art Set Of 3 Triptych Wall Art


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