2019 Art Trends for Your Home

2019 Art Trends for Your Home - Abstract House

The art world moves fast, and so do trends in design and technology. In this blog, we’ll take a quick look at some of the key things to incorporate into your home this year – perfect if you’re planning to upgrade your space with a brand new look or just want to make a few small changes for spring.

Comforting Minimalism 

The ongoing desire to create a comfy space for relaxation, partly inspired by the Scandinavian trend of ‘Hygge’, is now accompanied by a more minimalistic, sparing approach. Instead of cluttering up your home with endless acquisitions, instead opt for items which, following the Marie Kondo model of de-cluttering, spark joy. 


West Elm Dinging Table


Minimalistic black and white prints and homewares needn’t seem cold or unwelcoming. You can instead use them to build yourself a welcoming and relaxing space where you can always find what you need – and always feel inspired. 

Contrasting Textures

A major trend for 2019, clashing and contrasting textures can be used in both the artwork you select and the décor and furnishings which surround you. Look for contrast in the fabric and materials themselves, rather than the patterns. If you’re choosing a piece of statement artwork such as an abstract print, try and ensure the surrounding area remains unobtrusive enough to let it truly shine. 



Incorporate the Colour of the Year

Pantone’s Colour of the Year for 2019 is Living Coral, a striking coral shade which has been described as ‘animating and life-affirming'. It’s ideal for those who are tired of the now-outdated ‘Millennial Pink’, and crave something a little more grown-up, but nonetheless still bright enough to perk up indoor spaces. It’s also flexible enough to use in your home furnishings and decor; if you feel like being bold, paint the whole room for an arresting take on the trend. Alternatively, look for cushions, throws and accessories in Living Coral, or invest in a large canvas art which uses the shade. 

Natural Fabrics and Fibres 

Wood is one of the most popular materials for this year, representing a renewed interest in bringing the outdoors in and luckily, it’s perfect for framing large art prints. Look for natural wooden frames to tap into this trend. Wood is also an easy-care choice which is flexible enough to fit into lots of different interiors and design projects. 


anthropologie home


Smarter Storage

Storage solutions are getting smarter in 2019, thanks in part to the need for people to safely stow away their belongings in smaller spaces. New design solutions prove that storage can be both practical and attractive, with emerging design pieces which take a renewed interest in bringing artistic flair to homes of all sizes. 


A major focus this year is on customisation, found in everything from technology to art to homewares. Whether commissioning a new piece of art for your home, or adding some original touches to a piece of furniture, expect to hear lots about customising all kinds of items throughout 2019. 



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