Art For Your Hallway 2021

Art For Your Hallway 2021 - Abstract House

A hallway can be a grand affair or a humble space, dependent on your home and personality. Whilst notoriously difficult to style, your hallway decor is worth spending more than a little time on. 

Your hallway interiors are the first to greet you when you return home after a long day - and the first part of your home seen by guests too. It’s essential you set the tone for the rest of your interior design to follow.

Creating an entrance hall that balances practicality and beauty can be tricky. But we’re not here to give you advice on shoe storage. 

warm sunset landscape art print golden hour impressionist artwork for modern hallway decor

Image: Sunset Landscape Fine Art Print

Our area of expertise is helping you find affordable art that’s the best fit for your home decor - and our guide to hallway wall art is the perfect place to start. In other words, we have you covered for the fun side of your hallway decoration.

Wall art is a convenient and sophisticated option for adding character to your space. Whether your walls are looking a little drab and bare, or you’re wanting to spruce up a simple sideboard or bench, hallway art brings the wow factor from the moment you step through your front door.

Our high quality affordable artwork is made to order. This sustainable business model and our use of FSC certified materials give you a premium finish and outstanding service. All without costing you a pretty penny, or compromising on our eco-friendly principles. 

Let us guide you towards the very best hallway art to complete, expand, or begin your collection.

The Only One 

blue abstract art statement piece for your hallway wall decor

Image: Abstract 179 Canvas Print 

If you’re a believer in less is more, then this is the hallway art inspiration for you. Giving one piece your full, undivided attention can make for a striking statement for the entrance to your home. 

Like an actor taking centre stage for a soliloquy, this piece should command attention. Opt for a large fine art print or huge canvas print with an additional floating frame. 

All our canvas art and fine art prints are delivered to your door ready to hang. We’re convenient as well as stylish.

Create A Hallway Gallery Wall


Make an otherwise simple and minimally styled piece of furniture - like the sideboard above - pop with a gallery wall. This is great for a small hallway space where there’s only this one piece of furniture, creating a gorgeous focal point. 

The warm green shades and delicate strokes of these watercolour botanical art prints bring life and serenity to a soft neutral hallway. Our artwork is printed using only the latest printing technology, so you can expect this pop of colour to last over 100 years. 

Lean and Layer

picture ledge art prints hallway interiors

Image: @home_at_door4 on Instagram. Includes our Black On White Female Line Drawing.

If your entrance hall is tight and only has room for some floating shelves, then the perfect way to decorate is with a gallery shelf. Overlap your art prints and lean them against the wall for a relaxed, barely styled look.

Picture ledges are a great way to express yourself, combining art with other decorations such as plants, ceramics, and mementos. It’s an eclectic mix, but one that should represent your likes, personality and memories.

hallway wall art casual bohemian leaning artwork

Image: Paul Raeside for

Alternatively, another great space saver is using any  gaps under tables and other furniture you've got in your entrance hall. It saves on installation time and mess, whilst adding interest to an area you'd probably never thought to decorate. Again, leaning your art prints does the trick.

Floor to Ceiling


hallway gallery wall ideas high ceilings

Image: @ninageehome on Instagram

If what your hallway lacks in width and pure space is made up by height, then you’d better make the most of it. You can accentuate high ceilings a number of ways; a half-painted wall being one. But artwork can also help in this regard.

Decorating with art right up to the ceiling draws the eye upward, encouraging viewers to take in the full height and grandeur of a high ceiling. If you have a decorative ceiling, such as wallpapered, coffered, colour or pattern painted, or those with beams and moulding, this is particularly effective.

brown neutral nude line drawing hallway art print entrance hall seating accent chair

Image: Nude Drawing - Print Set of 2

Minimal prints with a majority white or other pale neutral background are best at giving the illusion of even taller walls, presuming your ceiling is a similar colour. Trending line art pieces are perfect for this.

Otherwise, carrying on the aesthetic of your ceiling within your wall art is your best bet. Animal portraits and botanical art could be matched with exposed beams for a cottage core interior design feel. Vintage style art prints and grand Impressionist artwork wouldn’t look out of place next to intricate ceiling moulding.

pop art hallway interior inspiration pink flamingo teal artwork

Image: Pink Flamingo in Teal Pop Art Print

Continue the crazy colours of a geometric or quirky painted ceiling with pop art, bright abstract pieces and those with other shapes. Give coffered ceilings a contemporary feel with crisp photographic art prints, black and white wall art or urban abstract pieces.

matching statement flooring to hallway interior design abstract art wall decor

Image: @living.blur on Instagram. Features our Contemporary Shapes Art Print, which also comes in The Contemporary Drawings - Set of 3 Prints

Equally, continue the colours of your hallway's flooring up into your wall art - just like our happy customer above. If you've got snazzy tiles or rugs, this can really help create a cohesive interior.

Tell A Story

Your art should reflect you. There’s no better way to do that than by featuring art movements, styles and subjects that remind you of precious memories, locations, people, and emotions.

Explore our Cities & Places collection to reminisce over your travels, or be transported to the heart of the world’s beauty spots through landscape photography. The world is your oyster - and your wall decor is too. 

We’re continuously tapping into the latest interior design trends through our collections and blog. Our guide to art for your hallway will get your home decor off to a flying start.

Lead image: Blush & Teal - Print Set of 3

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