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Abstract House Features On BBC

Abstract House Features On BBC-Abstract House

Last April, Abstract House was contacted by a BBC designer to see if we could help support a local family in Hessle for their popular show DIY SOS

DIY SOS is one of the BBC's top home renovation shows featuring television personalities Nick Knowles and his team including Billy, Mark, Chris and Jules. The award-winning show completes big builds in just nine days to make home life easier for families in need who have experienced loss, trauma and would greatly benefit from a home makeover.

This particular DIY SOS aimed to support a father named Darren who lives with his sons in Hessle, and who had also volunteered his roofing services on a previous episode of DIY SOS to help another family.

Darren suffered from a bad back for many years and had undergone surgery to repair his back, but after returning to work in 2017, he experienced complications and had to be rushed to hospital. Sadly Darren's spinal cord had been damaged and Darren was left paralysed and unable to walk.

This was life-changing for Darren and his family, as one of his sons was already severely disabled, and so this took it's toll on Darren and his family. After three months of challenges at home, tragically Darren's wife passed away.

After reading Darren's story, we were delighted to be able to support him and his family in any possible.

The community nature of DIY SOS and it's suppliers and volunteers is a remarkable trait and one we are proud to support.

The show aired on 4th of April 2019 and you can watch it on BBC Catch Up services here

 The product chosen by the BBC Design Team was our 'Crashing Waves' wall art print which is a very calming seascape print.

We think the team did an amazing job on the final build!

Abstract House will continue to support charities locally and nationwide in a bid to build on this wonderful community spirit displayed through the work of BBC and DIY SOS. 

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