What Is Home Staging And How Can It Add Value To Your Home?

What Is Home Staging And How Can It Add Value To Your Home?

If you ever wanted to find out what home staging is all about, it's benefits and how it can truly benefit you and increase value when selling your home, this is the article for you. We interviewed K3 Interior Design, one of the UK's leading home staging businesses who design, install and manage your home staging project from initial concept through to completion.

At K3, they offer complete solutions so that you can manage other parts of the project, or simply get on with your day-to-day while leaving your property in capable hands, so you can focus on finding your next move.


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Let's find out more about home staging and what the benefits are.

What is property staging?

Property staging is a powerful marketing tool which can maximise the sale or rental value of a property. For house sellers who are trying to make a good impression, ‘dressing’ or more commonly known as ‘staging’ a property, has proven to not only increase the selling price but attract more buyers and reduce the amount of time it is on the market.


K3 Interior Design specialise in staging vacant properties and show homes. We provide a turn-key service from concept to installation, dressing a property with furniture and accessories to create an aspirational home for viewers to imagine themselves living in. 

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Photo Credit:  K3 Interiors, Artwork: Sky Break Framed Canvas 

The power of staging

First impressions count, especially when selling a property. From the moment a potential buyer walks through the door they need to connect with the property, both visually and emotionally.

We optimise the appearance and show a property in its best possible light by adding stylish furniture, mirrors, artwork and homely accessories.

Working alongside a professional photographer, we create fabulous images for marketing, perfect for grabbing the attention of a potential buyer online and encouraging them to book an in person viewing.

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Photo Credit:  K3 Interiors, Artwork: Beyond The River Framed Art 

Why it’s important to stage a property when selling?

Staging an empty property creates an aspirational home which helps buyers to visualise themselves living there. If the property is empty, then it feels soulless and is harder for them to picture how a piece of furniture would fit in.

We help by presenting the property in a way that the buyer can imagine themselves living there. For example, by laying the dining table in a certain way, a family can more easily visualise eating breakfast together, or a beautifully designed children’s bedroom will conjure up bedtime stories, while a cosy lounge creates a welcome area to imagine a home movie night. 

Staging ensures the property will appeal to the maximum number of potential buyers and can help target a specific market such as downsizers, young professionals, growing families etc.

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Photo Credit:  K3 Interiors, Artwork: Abstract Sunburst Framed Print Set 

Does staging really work? 

It really does and we have repeatedly proven it over the past 18 years of staging all shapes and sizes of homes. 

An example - When a client launched four brand new empty properties onto the market, initial feedback from potential buyers viewing them flagged up a lack of understanding of how the available space could be used. 
They could not visualise the furniture layout of the ground floor living area and master bedroom located in the sloping roof space on the top floor. The empty rooms looked much smaller without any furniture to provide scale or context. This created a sense of negativity and buyers were more hesitant to put in offers.

K3 then fully dressed one of the properties and within two weeks three properties were reserved, two at asking price and one just under. The remaining unit sold shortly afterwards. The client was 100% convinced that staging converted the sales at maximum value and faster than if they had not staged one of them.

 modern abstract neutral wall art

Photo Credit:  K3 Interiors, Artwork: Abstract 457 

How art can transform a space quickly and on a budget

Artwork is essential in EVERY room! We always visit Abstract House’s range of artwork first, as the variety is perfect for the different projects that we work on, whether a new build development or a refurbished period property. Although the style of a piece of artwork can be very personal, we use it to add personality to a property. It can cleverly connect the colour scheme with the soft furnishings, add visual impact and change the mood of a room, whether it's fun, romantic, or more laid-back.

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Photo Credit:  K3 Interiors, Artwork: Grey Abstract Canvas Set

We can bring colour and texture into a room by using soft furnishings and accessories, but since artwork is at the viewers eye-level, it is essential in creating the show home wow factor.

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Photo Credit: K3 Interiors, Art by Abstract House

Can you tell us about the most exciting pieces you have sourced for staging.

We offer a furniture rental service to stage properties and have a large warehouse full of eclectic pieces we have collected over the years. It is an Aladdin’s Cave! We don’t tend to have multiple pieces of the same furniture because that’s how a home is. You collect pieces as you go through life and adapt the furniture to your needs. There are some pieces we have loved using such as a cyan blue, wool, womb chair with matching stool and chrome legs...it always lit up a room.

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Photo Credit:  K3 Interiors, Artwork: Abstract Face Line Art by Abstract House

Find out more about K3 Interior Design and get in touch if you'd like help with an upcoming staging project.

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