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Wall Art Edit: Black & White Monochrome Wall Art

Wall Art Edit: Black & White Monochrome Wall Art

Monochrome art has been trending for years. It's a classic look for modern interiors and usually incorporates bold, minimalist living spaces. But, really, black and white art can easily be used to modernise a more traditional home, without the need to go all-in minimalism. Decorating is the new alternative to moving - because, let's face it, moving can be expensive. 

We're here to show you how easy it is to find beautiful black and white wall art that will transform your home into something remarkable, without breaking the bank.

Updated February 2023

Adding fresh, new art to a home can improve a home's interior by adding style and creating the illusion of extra space, while also improving the home's aesthetics and it's value too. 

Some clients like to start with a colour palette when looking for art, and with black and white art, the finish can really look remarkable.

black and white wall art collection monochrome decor by abstract house

Monochrome is always a staple on the catwalk, with leading fashion houses such as Prada and Gucci reigning in on the colour palette in London, New York and Paris. Here's why monochrome art is an excellent choice for your home or office decor.

Our Editors' have selected some of our favourite new black and white wall art pieces to show you how they can be easily styled in different rooms.

1. Monochrome Light Lines Art Print

 black and white framed art print large wall art prints

2. Dimensional Maze Framed Canvas

best framed art black and white abstract wall art ideas trends 2023 to buy now


3. Black & White Shapes Print Set

 black and white wall art set of 2 prints framed wall art large oversized shapes 2023

 4. Black Abstraction II Framed Print

black abstraction ii modern framed wall art monochrome black and white prints for sale


5. Line Art Trio - Print Set Of 3

black and white line art print sets of 3 framed wall art prints

6. Black & White Nude Drawing Canvas

black and white female figurative wall art on canvas

Shop our full collection of Abstract Wall art here.

How To Style Monochrome Art In Your Home

Popular art styles encompassing black & white art include abstract, contemporary and line art or line drawings. 

Where Can I Find New Wall Art Inspiration

There are so many different ways to display and hang your art. Discover our favourite wall art ideas here.

More From Our Editors: Best Rooms To Use Black & White Art In
1. Living Room Art
2. Bedroom Art
3. Office Art
4. Bathroom Art
5. Hallway Art

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