Top Botanical Wall Art To Buy

top botanical art prints to buy

Edited: October 2023

Botanical art has long been a favourite choice for interior decor. If you're a plant lover, botanicals are a natural choice when it comes to art. From floral watercolours, to vintage style leaf stems with bursts of colour and vintage vibes, it's never been easier to add the essence of spring to your space with art.

Now is the perfect time to update your home decor too with beautifully crafted modern and traditional art - and our unique collection of botanical wall art has you covered.

botanical wall art original paintings to buy 2023

Artwork: Botanical City Large Original Painting

If the body is our temple, then the home is its garden. Green spaces are essential to our wellbeing. But creating a blossoming, luscious home can be hard for those of us not gifted at plant parenting. Our collection is the perfect way to get in on the action without needing green fingers.

vintage botanical prints set to buy


botanical wall art expert style tips UK


Plants and flowers evoke a calm, serene atmosphere. The beauty of art is it inspires and uplifts the onlooker. Combining the two elements of botanics and art creates the perfect chemistry and balance. 

top botanical wall art to buy now 2023

Today, the door has been opened to a whole host of other depictions of flowers and plants. Some combine the vintage look of botanical illustration with abstract shapes and colour, mixing contemporary and traditional. Others are inspired by Impressionism; the less scientifically accurate (but still groundbreaking) plant portraits and flower paintings of Van Gogh, for example. Many choose the photography route for a modern finish. 

botanical art prints set of 3 prints wall art UK

Artwork: Vintage Botanical Art Leaves Set Framed In White Triptych

1 - Impressionist Sunflowers In A Vase Art Print

Reminiscent of a certain Dutch genius, this floral piece comes from an original oil painting. The sunflower’s petals offer a splash of colour against the neutral tones of the vase and background. Just like when the sun peeks out from behind a cloud.
impressionist sunflowers botanical art print

2 - Vintage Rose Art Print

Carrying on the delicate pink theme, this print plays into the vintage appeal of original botanical illustrations. Gentle watercolours adorn aged paper.
vintage botanical illustrations rose art print

3 - Large Tropical Leaves Print

Cue the urban jungle with a statement photograph. Let your artwork create a tropical canopy in your home.
large tropical leaves art print botanical

5 - Modern Contemporary Botanical Framed Set

contemporary fine art prints framed UK

The humble monstera leaf is now one of the most popular houseplants. They’re especially kooky in bloom, when their nobbled bodies and spines are contrasted

6 - Modern Blooming Cactus Art Print

The humble cactus is now one of the most popular houseplants. They’re especially kooky in bloom, when their nobbled bodies and spines are contrasted against dainty flowers. The artwork also plays with coloured shapes to create a clever layered effect.
modern cactus blooming top botanical art prints buy uk

7 - Matisse Botanical Art Print

An homage to Fauvism and the greatest colourist of the 20th century. This mesmerising print is inspired by French painter, Henri Matisse. 
Matisse botanical art print buy

8 - Botanical Abstract Leaf Art Print

A flamboyant abstract art print that’s sure to turn heads. Bold primary colours, a mix of shapes, and a single branch feature.

botanical abstract leaf art print buy

9 - Grey Vintage Floral Stem Art Print

A watercolour flower in muted colours against a monochrome background. Understated and sophisticated. The textured appearance gives a vintage paper finish.
grey vintage botanical art print floral stem

10 - Tropical Jungle Art Print

This quirky, colourful piece puts the cat amongst the… toucans? A botanical artwork with a playful twist.

tropical jungle botanical art print to buy

11 - Botanical Pop 5 Art Print

Combine pop art with leaves for a bright, fun piece for your home. 
top botanical pop 5 art print to buy

12 - Japanese Botanical Stem Art Print

A running paint effect turns this otherwise simple artwork into a striking centrepiece.
Japanese stem top botanical art print to buy

13 - Botanical Vintage Leaves Blue Stripe Art Print

Layered abstract shapes compliment and contrast the intricate flower in this print’s foreground. A delightful mix of contemporary and vintage.
top vintage botanical art print to buy leaves blue stripe art print

14 - Monstera Watercolour Leaves Art Print

Affectionately nicknamed the ‘Swiss Cheese Plant’, the Monstera is very trendy. Our minimal watercolour is bright and fresh.

monstera watercolour leaves art print best botanical prints to buy

Whatever you decide, Abstract House has the perfect wall art for you. We are revolutionising florals this spring, merging them with a range of contemporary styles and art movements from bygone eras to create new trends.

We’re affordable, without compromising on quality. You can shop online, in-store in our London showroom or by phone. We are based a stones throw away from Richmond, where you can visit our Showroom and shop directly from our London production studio where our products are made to order using traditional methods dating back over 100 years.

Expect your fine art to stay in bloom for over 100 years, and with our Abstract House Promise,we guarantee you will be happy with your handcrafted masterpiece. 

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