The New Neutral: How To Cleverly Use A Toned Down Palette

The New Neutral: How To Cleverly Use A Toned Down Palette

Discover how to enrich a neutral palette with contemporary art.

Neutral interiors have been loved by designers and home renovators for decades, and it's no surprise why. Pared down colour palettes add sophistication to a design scheme, while making it easier to bring together a mix of favourite art and accessories to create a defined interior that represents the house of your dreams.

Choose Subtle Hues

untitled i framed canvas art by abstract house premium contemporary fine art 
Photo Credit: Art Untitled I Framed Canvas by Abstract House

We love the mid century mango wood dining table with rattan-back Italian chairs and the contrast with our Untitled I oversized abstract canvas art. 

Inspired By Nature

neutral wall art modern olive green canvas oversized abstract art

Photo Credit: The Olive Branch Framed Canvas by Abstract House

We're all accustomed to a dark forest green interior which creates a more statement and studious living environment, but did you know that by choosing lighter green you can combine a dusky green wall art and textured accessories 

Natural Wood Tones

Neutral Wall Art Cloudy taupe modern abstract art on canvas

Photo Credit: Neutral Notes No5 Framed Canvas by Abstract House

When it comes to framing contemporary art, selecting warm wood tones will create a welcoming space, perfect for the centre of the home. Our signature frames are made from solid wood sourced from Italy. The artwork pictured above 'Neutral Notes No5' is displayed in our signature Natural Wood frame which is a light pine floating frame designed for canvas prints and paintings. The artwork features a softer palette of beige, taupe and grey hues swirling through it in an expressionist cloudy design. Combine with walnut and oak furniture cabinetry and light walls, with wooden or stone flooring for the ultimate luxury finish.

Cool, Calming Blues

 modern wall art cool calming blue seascape canvas art

Photo Credit: The Boat Yard Framed Canvas by Abstract House

Blue has always had a big appeal in interiors as its traditionally used in seascapes and abstract art and creates a serene, calm aesthetic.

Our neutral grey and blue seascape, 'The Boat Yard' pictured above is an excellent choice to add some interest to walls with the touches of invigorating blue and teal.

Impressionistic Flair

impressionist abstract grey neutral wall art canvas

Photo Credit: Impressionist Neutral Mood Framed Canvas by Abstract House

Adding shades similar to Farrow & Ball's Stony Ground with a combination of greys and beige, connects neutral colour schemes with a story. This stunning abstract canvas titled 'Impressionist Neutral Mood' creates a piece of art that is perfect for dinner parties as it is a real conversation-starter, with it's multi-tonal palette.

Discover more of our Neutral Wall Art collection and revel in beautiful, contemporary British art.

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